Saturday 20 August 2011



I needed a drink today.  It’s been an intense start to my Grad Studies and I needed a good stiff…fruity drink.
I saw the Lychee Mojito on the drinks menu at Ramen Sanpachi and declared that it was the drink for me tonight.


The Lychee mojito had tons of fresh  mint and it was muddled well.  However, I would have liked some more lychee flavour.  Perhaps some lychee pieces!  I believe that it was lychee syrup that they used in this drink.


Regardless, after I got home, I promptly fell asleep.  It was a tough week.  All that cerebral stuff, reflection and hours of academic reading (and trying to remember all the new acronyms) put my brain cells into overdrive and they were screaming for a break.  Perhaps the drink was stronger than I thought.   Rating:  5/6


Because we were the 20th customer that evening, we were eligible for a 20% discount on the izakaya dishes.  So we ordered more than we typically would.  Without the discount, the dinner would have been more expensive than I would be comfortable with for what we got.  But, with discount I felt it was a good price for the meal.  Get there early and you may be one of the lucky 20!

Salmon and Tuna Nigiri.  Rating:  5/6


Gyoza.  I didn’t get any of this because my kids scarfed them down and didn’t offer me any.  I will assume it was very good; otherwise they would have let me have some.


Grilled Black Cod.  I thought the piece of fish on the small side.  It was 20% off though.  Hm.  You can’t screw up black cod and it was yummy.  Don’t think I would want to pay full price though.  Rating:  5/6


Chicken Karaage.  Tender crisply fried chunks of dark meat, served with a lemon wedge.  My girls inhaled this appetizer.   It’s safe to say this dish rated 6/6.  Yet again, nary a bite left for mama.


California Roll.  Rating:  5/6
Cha Shu Shoyu Ramen.  Rating:  5/6

Mine…all mine:  Unagi Dragon Roll.  Rating:  5.5/6

Oh.  My daughters...ages 8 and 4, like clean restaurant restrooms.  They went together and came back exclaiming how nice it was to have a clean washroom.  That's saying something, because they rarely ever tell me that a restroom is exceptionally clean.  I myself didn't see it, but I'll trust them.

The restaurant is kind of hip; in the izakaya style.  Lots of mixed drinks, beer and other alcoholic drinks are available.  I liked the menu options and particularly enjoyed the early bird discount for being one of the first 20 customers that day.

The sushi chefs do their work near the front of the restaurant and the bar is across from them.  The restaurant is long and narrow.  We sat near the back, where there were booths.  It was a casual, kind of relaxing atmosphere.  It wasn't particularly busy for the time of day.  We ate early, around 5:30pm on a Saturday.

Metered Parking is on the street and transit is nearby.

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