Sunday 21 August 2011

I Cafe, W. Broadway


Beef Brisket on Rice.  Rating:  5/6

Since starting my Grad Studies, I have learned to multi-task in ways I never imagined.  Carrying my iPhone, my textbook and a highlighter, I proceeded to “foodspot” my meal, as well as complete a whole chapter from my readings list for the day while eating my lunch.



Since I fell asleep a couple of nights in a row because of the sheer volume of academic language that was infiltrating my brain, I thought it wise to order a drink full of caffeine for lunch.   Here, I have ordered a Cold Milk Tea.  The tea was nicely strong.  It had to be topped off with a single espresso shot prior to dinnertime though because I didn’t want to take any chances of falling asleep with highlighter in hand again.  That Concept Paper was due the next morning!  Takin’ no chances!


Bib wanted a sandwich.  I always find that HK Cafes in general make lousy sandwiches (and lousy steaks. mushy!)  The kids seem to like it though.  I find them kind of dry…just toast with stuff in between.  No mayo, no butter.  The fries were okay.  I suspect she wanted fries because she knows they always accompany the sandwiches.  She ate the filling and left the bread. Figures.


Curry Beef Brisket with subbed in Rice Vermicelli.  My try at ordering GF at this HK Cafe.  The rice vermicelli was the type that’s kind of al dente.  It wasn’t what I was expecting.  The brisket was good though I would have liked of it.  I hate it when I run out of meat before I’ve finished all my noodles.  I didn’t really drink the broth because it didn’t look or taste special.  Rating:  4.5/6


Fishballs and fishcake in fishbroth with egg noodles.   Rating:  4.5/6

For some reason, Stomach doesn't really like the menu.  It used to be better a while back, and we came here to eat all the time.  The view's still nice...of the North Shore Mountains.  However, today Stomach was a bit disappointed with the offerings for lunch specials and it'll probably be a while before we will visit again.  He's all over specials and that's his primary motive for eating somewhere sometimes.  The service was good...but the kitchen and waiter got two of our dishes kind of wrong.  I think Stomach wanted noodles but got rice from the kitchen because it was a special and the sandwich was missing cheese because the waiter wrote the order down wrong, but it wasn't a big deal.  We're pretty easy-going if the food's okay.  We're not ones to send a dish back.  We just don't come back for a while if the menu's not so inspiring.

You can check out their site and menu HERE.

I Cafe is located on the second floor overlooking the Holiday Inn across the street on W. Broadway.  There is some metered street parking and once upon a time, they offered free parking in the Holiday Inn parkade.   I’m not too sure if they still offer that though.  There’s plenty of transit nearby as it’s located on W. Broadway near all those medical buildings. 

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