Sunday 21 August 2011



Beef and Chicken Enchiladas with Green Sauce.

Our Entertainment Book is still way underutilized in my opinion.  We cracked it open and plucked out the coupon for Pepitas in Kitsilano.

My Enchilada dish came with 2 enchiladas.  The waitress said I could have two different meats and so I chose beef and chicken.  You could also choose between a red or green sauce.  I liked the piquancy of the green sauce better.  The salad was just iceberg and had a buttermilk dressing I think.  On my platter, I also had beans and rice.  In the end, I gave Stomach  my beans and rice.  I could only finish my enchiladas.  I preferred the chicken to the beef because I thought the beef on the dry side.  Rating:  4/6


It was a hot and muggy evening.  The sun was still beating down and we sat at a table next to the open window overlooking W. Broadway.  The waitress brought us some complimentary tortilla chips and salsa.


Cheese Quesadilla appetizer.  Rating:  4/6

The kids shared the cheese quesadilla appetizer.  Bib doesn’t really like Mexican food and ended up munching Stomach’s flour tortillas and guzzling her orange juice. 


Stomach ordered Beef Fajitas and they came with the flour tortillas on a separate plate covered with parchment to keep them moist. The toppings were in separate little cups.


The beef came to our table on a sizzling iron plate and had plenty of veggies in it as you can see.     Rating:  4/6

The service was good when we ate here.  We were there around 5:30pm and when we left I noticed more people coming in for drinks and appies.  This restaurant has been here a while and I remember it from way back in University.   The decor hasn’t changed much from way back then either, I think.  Looking kind of tired.  With our Entertainment Coupon, the meal was a decent deal.

Pepitas is located on the second floor of a building located on the corner of Broadway and Burrard.  There’s metered street parking and transit nearby. 

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