Friday 1 July 2011



Gai lan with ginger sauce. Rating: 6/6

Tender choice cuts of gai lan in a flavourful ginger sauce.


Green onion pancake.  Rating:  5/6

Great flaky pastry. Could do with more green onion flavour


Sweet vinegared pigs feet with ginger and egg.  Rating:  5.5/6

Really tender pork, ginger slices and boiled egg. The vinegar broth could have been a tad more gingery and could have a stronger vinegar presence, but it was exceptional in the preparation of the pigs feet.


Har gow.  Rating:  5.5/6

Almost perfect. Large shrimp that are plump and juicy. The skin is a bit too thick but good.


Deep fried pork and veg dumpling.  Rating:  5/6

The crispy shell of deep fried glutinous sweet rice dough was chewy inside as is expected.   The savoury pork filling...which I would have liked to see a little more of inside was very good.


Siu Mai.  Rating:  5.5/6 

Juicy, shrimp embedded pork filling topped with tobiko.  Good flavour.


Deep fried taro dumpling filled with curried meat filling.  Rating:  5/6


Honey egg wraps (daan saan).  Rating.  3/6

Oh so disappointing.  Generally, you can’t go wrong with deep fried in my book.  However, this dessert dish was a flavourless dry fried crepe and it was not sweet enough. I suppose it would be okay if you don't like sweet desserts.   However, the crepe was not crispy light and meltingly tender.


Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf.  Rating:  5/6


Everything was good aside from the tiny slice of sausage.   It had a strange flavour.


Rice noodle with shrimp.  Rating:  4/6

We thought the Rice noodle was too thick and powdery in texture. The flavour was okay.






See that 20% discount?  If you pay your bill  BEFORE 11:00am, you get 20% off.  A minute after 11a.m. and you pay full price.  This doesn’t mean you have to finish eating before 11.  You just have to PAY.  So we did.  The waitress told us we could take our time and eat leisurely after we paid.  Of course we did.

With the discount, I think this was a pretty good deal.  I don’t think I would want to pay the full price for the food you get.  The food was pretty good and the service was good.

The best thing about this restaurant is that it’s located in Richmond Centre and so if you’re in the mall,  it’s a decent place to have dim sum (before 11am) before you start shopping.

There is plenty of parking in the Richmond Centre mall parking lot.  Arrive early (10-11a.m.) and you won’t find yourself waiting beyond the discount time.

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