Friday 1 July 2011



Cheese ramen.  Really?  Bebe had to try it.  Rating:  5/6

Do you ever get this feeling that a meal’s first impression is sometimes the best and on your second visit you’re not as wowed?

This was the case on this revisit of Q-Go Ramen.

I don’t know…maybe it’s the limited menu or maybe I just remembered it as being way better.  Don’t get me wrong.  It was still good and still a good deal. 


Spicy Ramen.  Rating:  5/6


Mini Chashu don.  Rating:  5/6

This time, Bib did not eat any of the mini rice bowl.  Instead, she opted for the ramen from sis’ Cheese Ramen.  I thought the cheese part sounded gross but they loved it.  They made sure to dip the cheese under the broth to make it all stretchy.  They even fought over the cheese globs. 


Shio Ramen.  Rating:  5/6

This Shio Ramen broth is very rich.  Afterwards, I felt very thirsty. 


Kimchi side dish.  Tastes like kimchi.

Edamame is comp.  and you can check out my previous post to see the takoyaki.

Still a good deal for ramen.  I still want my pork slices heated more thoroughly before being placed on the soup.  We may revisit again if we’re in the neighbourhood because well, our kids love ramen.  But this time around we were very thirsty afterwards and I am looking forward to trying other places. The quest for amazing ramen continues.
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