Sunday 19 June 2011


Half a BBQ Duck.  Rating:  6/6  Yum!

The BBQ Duck at Congee Noodle House is so good!  The skin is crispy and the duck isn’t just skin and bones.  There’s some good chunks of meat there.  I hate it when you buy a duck and get just skin and bones.  This one was succulent and came with a plum sauce dip.  It wasn’t too fatty and the flavours were ducky perfect.

Meatballs and Fish Slices Congee.  Rating:  6/6
All the congee bowls come with a topping of julienned fresh ginger, scallions and fried peanuts.  If you don’t like that, you need to ask them to leave it out when you order.

Here’s me stirring in all the toppings.

Beef congee.   Rating:  5/6  Here’s the congee after Stomach picked out and ate all the scallion, ginger and peanuts that the kiddies don’t like eating because we forgot to ask to leave it out.

Chinese Donut.  Rating:  6/6

My kids LOVE Chinese donuts.  This is the perfect accompaniment to Congee.  You dunk the deep fried salty bread into your congee and let it soak it in like you would crackers and soup.  The congee is absorbed into the doughnut making it soft.  Bib in particular loves the donuts and scarfs down a whole bunch that I cut into little pieces for her to float into her congee.

Boiled Gai Lan with oyster sauce.  Rating:  5/6  Gotta get your veggies somehow.  This is a good way.  Economical too.

BBQ Pork Noodle Soup.  Rating:  5/6

Bebe’s favourite dish here is the bbq pork noodle soup.  CNH has excellent bbq items and you can also order soy sauce chicken or the crispy skinned bbq pork too.  I think their bbq pork is just okay.  I’ve had better elsewhere.  But their duck is exceptionally good.

Another kiddie favourite is fresh rice noodles with Beef and Veg in a oyster-flavoured sauce.    This version was okay.  Rating:  4/6

Located on Broadway near Main, Congee Noodle House is an institution.  You must go for the Congee.  You should have the BBQ Duck.  It is cheap and there’s good eats to be had.  Service is as you would expect from a noodle house…rushed and kind of rough around the edges when it’s busy.  However, service is efficient and the goal is quick turnover at these places so expect to be asked if you want to share a large table with another small group (if you’re into that kind of thing). 

I personally would rather wait than with at a table with complete strangers, but people do it if they’re hungry and don’t mind.   So, if you’re ever the other dining group awaiting a table and I reject sharing the table with you, please do not be offended.  I have kids.  I don’t want to embarrass myself and possibly ruin your dining experience.  Generally my kids are well-behaved, but they have their idiosyncracies…like staring (my 4-year-old) and trying to get your attention with cutie-pie-faces.  Or getting up and walking around the table to climb onto daddy.   I hate that.  I always nag them about that.  I don’t want to have you hear me nag them.

I consider this Hole-In-The-Wall Dining.  Except this is a Big-Hole-In-The-Wall.  It was recently renovated.  I have no idea what part of it was renovated because it looks the same to me.  I think it was cleaned up perhaps?  But it still has the trappings of the Noodle House stereotype, so be forewarned:  tile floors, condiments on a little plastic tray on the table, melamine spoons and white plastic chopsticks, sometimes iffy washrooms, well-worn laminate tabletops and dirty dish carts that are within plain view of diners…sometimes in the hallway leading out back to the parking lot or near the service area.  Meh.  You get the drift. 

There's stir-fries, set menus and combos, noodles and even seafood.  Portions are good.  But the congee is the best.  It’s good comfort food and it’s cheap.

Parking is located behind the restaurant or along the streets.  There's a bus stop right in front of the restaurant too.

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Anonymous said...

You should ask for half fat bbq pork next time, those are the best because they usually give you the lean ones which don't taste as good.

Cakebrain said...

Hey Anon,
I usually ask for half fat when we order chasiu on its own, but for some reason we never think to do that for bbq pork when it is in soup. Strangely, my daughter does not like fat in her bbq pork. She picks it all out!


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