Saturday 18 June 2011


Green papaya salad.  Refreshing and very healthy tasting!  5/6

I should have ordered the beef variation of the green papaya salad.  I didn’t like the flavourless shrimp.  They were okay.  The veggie part was lightly dressed and crunchy.

Vietnamese Chicken Wings. 6/6!

The famous Chicken Wings at Phnom Penh are served with a lime and white pepper dip.  The wings are tender, crispy and sprinkled with a green onion, herby garlic concoction that is to die for!  This is the dish I want on a deserted island.  Goes really well with beer I’d imagine…if I liked beer.

Not my dish…as I don’t eat innards and such.  However, Stomach commented the soup was very good.  Rating:  5/6

Vietnamese Spring Rolls.  6/6 
Full of meat and the favourite dish of Bebe, the Vietnamese Spring Rolls here come accompanied by rice vermicelli and dip.

Steamed Rice rolls and Vietnamese Ham.  Rating:  6/6
Bib loves the Steamed rice rolls.  Both girls fight over the Vietnamese ham.  The rice rolls are filled with a meat filling similar to that in the Deep Fried Vietnamese Spring rolls.

Pork Bone Soup.  5/6 (it’s an accompaniment to another dish)

Beef and veg Vermicelli Bowl.  6/6
My favourite Vermicelli Bowl is this one.  The beef is tender and succulent tenderloin pieces and it’s chock full of peppers, onions and more veg under the noodles:  beansprouts, cucumber and herbs.  Excellent.  Umami.

Stirfried Peatips.  5/6
With a hint of garlic, the veg was good.

Luc Lac Beef.  Really tender beef in a savoury sauce.  It was rich though.  You definitely need rice or something to go with it.  6/6

I think the Luc Lac Beef on rice with Egg is the favourite to order in this restaurant as I saw it on many tables. I’d bet it would taste great with that runny egg all all that sauce! Next time. Next time.

I recommend the Curry Chicken, which you should order with the baguette (preferably) or rice.  It is very good.  No pic for that, but curries don’t look too good in pics anyway!

I’ve also had the Squid, which is prepared similarly to the Chicken Wings.  Though they are just as good almost, I always regret not having ordered the Chicken Wings when I have the chance. 

Do order a Vietnamese coffee.  I like mine served over ice. 

Service is efficient and speedy.  Turnover is pretty good and it’s particularly busy on the weekends around noon.  Prices are reasonable and you get good value for the money. There aren’t many large tables.  You can often see Vancouver chefs eating here before their shifts, with their awesome tats and hairy arms sitting with their beers, their Vietnamese coffees and their large orders of Chicken Wings. 

Parking is metered out on the street and there are also parking lots around Chinatown. 
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