Tuesday 21 June 2011



Siu Mai.  Very pretty tobiko-topped morsels.  Rating:  6/6


Steamed blackbean Spareribs on pumpkin.  Tender pork, juicy pumpkin saturated with pork fat goodness.   Rating:  6/6


Beef and Onion pastry.  Rating:  5/6
I’m not crazy about this because it’s so heavy, but I think that’s the way it’s supposed to be.  It is very much like a Cornish Pasty.


Steamed Beef Balls.  There were 3, but someone snagged one before I could take a pic!  Rating:  5/6


Generally, I’m not the one eating the sticky rice.  I did have it this time and it was very good.  There was a good meat to sticky rice ratio and the flavours were delicate. 
Rating:  5/6

Egg tarts.  Rating:  5/6

For more pictures of food from a previous visit, click HERE.

I really enjoyed eating at this restaurant.  I’m a sucker for a good view of the North Shore mountains because it’s the view I grew up with living on the East Side facing the waterfront in a house perched on the edge of a cliff on Wall Street.  Perhaps that is why I always like to go to Kirin at City Square too.  Pretty city views.

I am still impressed by the consistency of the food and the service.  I visited the washroom and was pleasantly surprised with the decor and the cleanliness there.   Maybe it was early in the day and barely used yet, but it was better than many Chinese restaurants I’ve been too…even high-end ones.  To me, a Chinese restaurant is an excellent restaurant if the premises are clean and the washrooms in particular are clean and tastefully decorated (like in a spa or an upscale boutique hotel’s guest restroom…think Wedgewood hotel)!  I think good food and clean restrooms go hand in hand.   Attention to these details are important.  Who cares if you have fancy chandeliers, rosewood chairs, flat screen t.v.’s  and uniformed wait staff?  Give me an upscale,  tastefully decorated, good-smelling washroom with all the amenities (complimentary lotions and hand creams) and I’ll keep coming back.  Hopefully that reflects the cleanliness of the kitchen too.

Have you been to any really good restrooms in restaurants? 

Tell me about it.  

I will host a Best Restaurant Restrooms Roundup.  Take pictures of the bathrooms (preferably without people in it!) and describe the amenities.  I will devote a whole new post to it.   Comment at the bottom of this post with a link to your post of your favourite restaurant restrooms and I’ll share it.  I’ll start doing my bit by taking my iPhone with me into the restrooms from now on.  I’ll only take pics of good ones—don’t worry.  I don’t want to disgust you.   You should be able to eat off the floor.  Not that you would, but you could.  Deadline is August 31, 2011.   You need to wash your hands before you eat anyway.  Visit the restrooms before you eat and if they're exceptionally cool, blog about it and pass along the link through the comments section below this post.

Some cool Vancouver restaurant restrooms that I've been in are located in:
  • Cactus Club
  • Secret Garden Tea Company (one of them is particularly cute)
  • Faubourg  patisserie
Some past winners of best restrooms (not just restaurants) in Canada are HERE.

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Natalie said...

Oh my! That all looks so delicious :) Siu Mai and egg tarts are two of my favourite things to eat and those look so good I'm going to have to eat some tonight now!

If I'm ever near that place I will definitely be stopping by to eat there :)

Connie the Cookie Monster said...

ooo where is this? my friend and i are going to dai tung today on kingsway!

good bathroom --> joeys on broadway, SO NICE

amlamonte said...

i am so with you on restaurant washrooms! and i love the idea of doing a blog post about it, haha! i will try to get you something soon. just have to think if there are any decent washrooms near where i live...

ps that food looks wonderful, especially the tobiko-topped morsels!


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