Sunday 28 November 2010


At the Secret Garden Tea Company, you get lovely real fine bone china and a menu of specialty teas to choose from.  Each person gets her own pot and I chose a lovely green tea.

The tea menu is HERE.

High Tea goodies are served on a pretty three-tiered tray.  The bottom tray has the mini sandwiches.  There are just enough (count ‘em) for each person. 

Mini savoury sandwiches:  croissant with tarragon chicken, sweet potato bread sandwich and egg salad pinwheel.  My favourite was the pinwheel of course!  Rating:  6/6

Raisin scones, apricot walnut bread, clotted cream and raspberry preserves.

The middle tier contains some tiny tender scones and breads with clotted cream and raspberry preserves.  Really lovely.  I love the scones.  Rating:   6/6

The dessert tier at the top!  Lemon tarts, seasonal desserts and there’s always a chocolate version too.  I love how tiny and cute the desserts are.  Rating:  6/6  Sometimes the choices you get are hit and miss and you may get one you don’t particularly care for…in which case, you should trade with your girlfriend!

High tea is $26.95 per person.  You definitely need a reservation for High Tea and you should indicate at that time whether or not you have allergies.

High tea is served at 12pm, 2:15pm and 4:30pm every day.  The price is $17.95 for kids 8 and under.  Bebe went one time and had her own pot of tea and her very own tiny china tea cup.  She was all dressed up and on her best behaviour.  She had a lot of fun plopping sugar cubes…a lot of sugar cubes…into her cup. 

This is the best authentic British High Tea I’ve had in Vancouver so far.   The room is generally populated by females.  On occasion I’ve spotted a male.  Not so often though.  The portions are pretty good here…better than at Faubourg.  However, I don’t think a big guy with a hearty appetite will be satiated.  They’d have to top up by heading to the McDonalds across the street.

Definitely you should dress up and exhibit your best manners.

Parking is along the streets and there is also a lot across the street.

The link to the Secret Garden Tea Company site is HERE.
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