Sunday 28 November 2010


Fish maw seafood soup.  Rating:  5/6

I don’t eat fish maw so it always ends up in Stomach’s bowl.  Ha!  I liked the depth of the broth and found the seafood both abundant and cooked perfectly.

Peking Duck.  Love duck.  Rating:  5/6

Lobster on yee mein.  How can you go wrong with lobster?   Rating:  5/6

Duck web braised with shiitake and bok choy.  Rating:  5/6

I’m not one for duck web or this sort of braised dish.  I had more of the veggies and the mushrooms which were succulent and absorbed all the flavours of the dish.

Seafood stir-fry with bird’s nest (fried wonton skin nests).  Rating:  6/6

Lettuce wrap with duck. Nothing out of the ordinary here.  Good.  Rating:  5/6

Seafood with sugar snap peas.  Lovely delicate flavours.  Rating:  6/6

Fried rice.  It doesn’t look like much, but it’s flavourful!   Rating:  5/6

Black sesame and coconut jelly dessert.   Rating:  6/6  I love black sesame and dessert in general!

This Chinese seafood restaurant is a busy establishment both lunch and dinnertime.  The food is consistently good and the service is good too.  There are special set menus offered for larger parties.  Prices are moderate and portions good.

Parking is available along Main Street and around the neighbourhood.
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