Saturday, 27 November 2010


Chasiu (bbq pork) noodle soup.  Rating:  5/6

Lai Tong (house special soup…comp) Comfort food!

Curry Beef Brisket.  Comes with accompanying steamed rice.  Price:  $8.50     Rating:  6/6

The BEST curried beef brisket in Metro Vancouver…perhaps all of Canada!  I have never had such tender brisket in my life.  The curry is unique; with a coconut base, but it’s not like Thai curry and it definitely isn’t that insipid yellow Chinese curry.  It had great flavour and has to be tried!  That is, if you like Curried beef brisket.  They also have other meats and veg to choose from for their curries, but this is the classic and it always comes with steamed white rice.  You can’t order the curry by itself.  I guess they don’t see the point of doing that because you need a ton of rice to sop up all the great curry.

Gai laan with cod slices.  Rating:  6/6 

Can you see those lovely chunks of white fish?  They were tender and delicious!  The gai lan was perfectly tender.

Beef and broccoli.  Rating:  6/6

There was so much beef! and I liked how it was not drowning in sauce.  Really good. Great price.

Barley egg drop sweet dessert soup.  Rating:  4/6     But it’s comp, so I shouldn’t complain, should I?

There are combo specials on the menu where you order a number of dishes from a special selection of choices.  You then get all your extras like steamed rice, soup and dessert.  We did this and ordered two veggie dishes to get the extras and then ordered on top of that the Curry Beef Brisket and the Chasiu wonton noodle soup.  It was a big meal and we took some stuff home.

Prices are really reasonable and you get good portions.  The service is efficient.  However, the ambience—meh.  There are booths with formica and laminate tops and there also are some larger tables for parties of 10 or so.

The restaurant is an institution and is actually a chain that has locations in Richmond (in my opinion, the best), Coquitlam and on Victoria Drive.  Generally, this is what I consider a hole-in-the-wall, but that varies from location to location. 

The menu offers Malaysian curries, Cantonese dishes, noodles, fried rice, baked rice and spaghetti, sandwiches, bubble tea and combo dinners. 

Parking is along Main Street and around the neighbourhood. 

Try the Richmond location for the satays…it seems to be a notch better for overall quality and ambience (but not that much).
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eatingclubvancouver_js said...

Just wanted to confirm: you did say that the beef brisket pieces were tender, eh? Were they fall off the fork type? The last few times I've had HK-style curry (from various places, not from Mui Garden -- hmm, I think the last couple of times were from Lido and Deer Garden), I was disappointed that the beef pieces were not that tender and had a lot of give. I like my beef brisket tender and melty.

Cakebrain said...

Yes, it is way tender! You can also get tenderloin beef with the curry, but it's not the same as beef brisket. I think the Richmond Mui Garden is a bit more consistent with brisket but the Main street one is very tender too. I suspect they deeo fry their brisket, but I'm not too sure. The brisket isn't crumbly fall apart type but holds shape quite well considering. I think it is the type of beef they are using, a certain cut perhaps, because I can never get it this tender. It is definitely not like Deer Garden or any other HK cafes. Let me know if you go, what you think. If I were to take friends out, I'd choose the Richmond one, but the Main street location will do in a pinch for a curry fix. The brisket at both places is not chewy or tough; but I would not categorize it as fall apart either. I think the marbling is

a. maren said...

holy shamoley, that curry beef brisket! it looks incredible. i am jealous that you keep going to these amazing places! :)


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