Sunday 5 December 2010


Xiao long bao. 6/6
Excellent skins and plenty of broth inside!

Gailan with garlic.  Rating:  5/6 
Gargantuan trees of gai lan.  Pretty good garlic flavour

Dan dan noodles.
A heavier spicy peanutty broth.  This one is okay but very rich tasting.  Rating:  4/6

Green onion pancake.  Rating:  5/6
Yummy, oniony goodness.  A favourite place for this version of the dish.

Shanghai noodles.
Excellent flavour and you can taste the wok’s fiery power here. Unfortunately, the pic is fuzzy because the kiddies were scrambling for the noodles. I barely got a shot in. Rating: 5.5/6

Golden Great Wall Szechuan Restaurant is located near the Holiday Inn on W. Broadway.  The restaurant is on the corner and there is ample free parking (if you know about it) in the parkade attached to the Holiday Inn.  You have to remember to tell the host at the restaurant what your licence plate is.  There is also metered parking on the streets and various other pay lots around the area due to the proliferation of medical buildings.  As well, there is good access by transit because it’s located along bus routes on W. Broadway.

We primarily come here for lunch and for the Shanghai Noodles, green onion pancake and Xiao Long Bau. 
I have had dinner here and must say that the authentic Northern dishes are my preference over the Cantonese style ones.  I like eating lunch here rather than dinner  because we like the good dim sum type Northern dishes, such as the dumplings and the breads.  I personally like deep fried Mantao (steamed bread) dipped in condensed milk.  It’s so good!  
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