Monday 6 August 2007


Today is B.C. Day and we decided to trek down to Granville Island and visit the Water Park and the market. Our stay at the Water Park was fun but brief because Bebe thought it too cold and didn't like it when sand got between her toes. Bib was in the baby Bjorn and was awake the whole time and when we stepped into the market her eyes were huge as she took in all the sights and sounds. The public market was particularly busy. I was here especially for the saucisson sec, at Oyama. I purchased the saucisson sec des Ardennes for $9.95

saucisson sec des ardennes

Eating saucisson sec from Oyama is as close as it gets to the stuff from France. Sometimes I buy the rillettes and fois gras pate which are authentically traditional and scrumptious too with a nice glass of red wine and some crusty baguette... sitting under a shady tree on the deck and listening to jazz. But that vision requires a good chunk of time, which I don't exactly have right now so saucisson sec will have to do for now.

Oyama Sausage Co. on Granville Island
#126 - 1689 Johnston St.Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9

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