Sunday 5 August 2007

KYUNG BOK PALACE (Lansdowne Mall)

We were looking for something different today for lunch. Kyung Bok Palace is located in Lansdowne Mall (where the old Safeway used to be). The restaurant is higher end and has the typical cooktop dining tables and vents hanging above the tables. I noticed it also had a number of private rooms too. We were enticed by the little sign out front advertising their specials. I am a novice with Korean food. I never know what to order and I want to try everything. So, I always end up ordering some sort of set box. Today I had their lunch box. It looked like a pretty good deal at $8.95. Bebe always has to have noodles so Stomach ordered "Haemul Udon", a seafood noodle soup for $8.95. It looked huge when it arrived and seemed enough for 2 people. His soup had cabbage, egg white, udon, mussels, shrimp, squid, clams and half of a small soft-shell crab, and Bebe commented that she liked the broth, which is always very important to her.

My box lunch had salad with the ubiquitous thousand island dressing, bean sprouts, glazed potatoes, kimchi, tamago (egg), 3 pieces of tempura, rice, soup, and braised beef brisket and beef ribs. The meat was the highlight of the dish as it was sweet and savoury and literally fell off the bone. I could cut the brisket with my spoon. The tempura coating was blah; not so crunchy or light. The rest of the sides were typically prepared and didn't stand out as amazing but they were all quite tasty.


RESTAURANT: KYUNG BOK PALACE (Korean Traditional Restaurant)

ADDRESS: #720 Lansdowne Centre, 5300 No. 3 Road, Richmond


PARKING: in mall parking lot


FOOD: 10/12

AMBIENCE: 6/6 (the restaurant is new)



PRICE: $$-$$$

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