Tuesday 7 August 2007


It is a cruel twist of fate that I am in a household where no one (except me) enjoys the sweeter things in life...cakes and pastries. Sure, they'll eat a little to be polite and sometimes they'll even comment how moist or delicious something is. But I can tell. The slices are oh so small you've got to wonder why bother? I am left to "dispose" of my cakes and pastries by sending them off to work or Stomach's workplace. Apparently all the staff at Stomach's work loves the stuff I make and have been kind enough to even request certain cakes. My staff at work are just as kind. There is nothing more satisfying to a baker than to have your baked goods eaten quickly while it's all fresh! Besides, if I ate all the stuff I baked by myself I would be as big as a house.

matcha chiffon cake straight out of the oven

So, I've been resorting to baking mini versions of cakes for my experiments. By creating recipes and variations in a miniature size, I don't have to worry about wasting ingredients. Today I decided to try creating a chiffon with green tea. I added Japanese matcha (green tea powder) to the batter.


Anonymous said...

Your matcha chiffon cake look delicious and tall. What brand did you use? Could you share the recipe?


Cakebrain said...

I used Organic Do Matcha. It's a vivid bright green. The base chiffon recipe I added the matcha powder to is my adaptation of the CI chiffon recipe.


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