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Pork in Bean Sauce Noodles. Rating: 6/6
Perfectly pulled hand-made noodles. The texture is awesome! These are my favourite in Metro Van. I like their version of Pork in Bean Sauce because it’s not too “beany” if you get what I mean.


Hot and Sour Soup.  Rating:  6/6
Well-balanced stock.  Not too sour and perfectly filled with good stuff like tofu, egg, shredded wood ears and meat.  This was the best I’ve had in a while.  Nice and hot. mmm.


Spicy Green Beans.  Rating:  6/6 nice and hot.  See the wrinkles on the beans? good sign.

For a look at more dishes, see my previous post HERE. 

We have tried the soup noodles here, which my girls enjoy (no pic…sorry) and other various dishes but that was before I got my iPhone4 and so there are no pics for those.  I must say that I am rarely disappointed with a dish.   Most are well-executed and tasty.  Meals are consistent.   The dim sum offerings are interesting and creative. 

Located in Aberdeen Centre, this restaurant is guarded by two life-sized replicas of soldiers from the Ming tombs.  My kids like to refer to the restaurant as the one with the soldier statues in front because they keep forgetting the name.  They always want to eat here.  They like the Shanghai Noodles and green onion pancake the best.

The restaurant is nicely decorated and has those cute but not so comfortable ancient Chinese wooden stools.  There are also booths and some private rooms.

The noodle making and dumpling forming is done up front and you can see them busily manipulating the dough to order.

I like that the restaurant’s feel and the service is friendly and efficient.

Parking is in the Aberdeen Centre parking lot.
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