I'm Cakebrain.
I like cake.
I like to bake cakes, design cakes and eat cake.
I think about cake.  Quite a bit.
Because I love all the above, my life revolves around running on my treadmill and employing my "total gym" as much as I can to "support my habit" (ie. maintain my girlish figure)!
I have Cake on the Brain.  Welcome to my food blog.

This blog is about a dream:  to have the perfect recipes for every type of cake I love.
I hate it when recipes don't work and I tell it like it is when I've tested a recipe.  I own a kajillion cookbooks and cooking magazines, too much bakeware and a myriad of kitchen gadgets.

*June 2011 update:  I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and will be embarking on a new culinary journey that will see me try to avoid foods that may trigger thyroid issues:  cruciferous veggies, soy products and gluten are some of the foods that have been purported to have a negative effect on thyroid health.  I only have half a thyroid left so I'd like to try to keep it as healthy as possible without drugs.  Because I love cake, I'll be adding a new section to my food blog where I'll document my successes and failures with Gluten Free cake and dessert recipes.

Though "Cake on the Brain" is a food blog primarily focussed on my love of cake, I also have a predilection to eating out.  I am a Vancouverite on a quest in my local restaurants for some of my favourite dishes.  Here on this page you will find a list of my current favourite places to find my favourite dishes in Vancouver.  My search for perfection is never-ending and if there isn't a restaurant listed it's because I'm still undecided.  The restaurants listed are the best of a bunch I've tried so far but I'll have you know that doesn't mean things can't change...leave a comment to point me in the right direction.  

I'm not for carrying my huge Nikon around and pointing it at my food in restaurants so you won't be finding any pictures on my blog about these dishes.  but I have a new iPhone4 which is making it more discreet for me to "Foodspot" what I eat around Vancouver!   The following is my To-Do List.   I'll update this list periodically.  Maybe. Well, whenever I have time.

BY THE WAY, I AM IN NO WAY AFFILIATED WITH COPYCAT SITES WITH THE SAME NAME AS MINE THAT MAKE AND SELL CAKES.  I hope the karma police catch them.  I do not sell cakes online and I do not appreciate people profiting from my good name.  I have only one foodblog site and that's this one.

  • big salad
    • Grilled Seafood salad @ Milestones
  • bouillabaisse
  • burger
    • White Spot Legendary Burger
    • Splitz
  • fish and chips
    • Pajo's (in Steveston)
  • french fries
    • NY Fries
    • Bistro Pastis (Steak frites!)
  • ice cream
    • La Casa Gelato
    • Dairy Queen!
  • moules frites
  • onion rings
    • Dairy Queen
  • steak
  • aloo gobi 
    • Raga Indian Restaurant
  • Baked pork chop rice
    • Cafe Gloucester
  • BBQ duck
    • No.9 Restaurant (Richmond)
  • bubble tea
    • Dragon Ball (on King Edward Ave.)
  • calamari, deep fried
    • Phnom Pehn
  • chicken wings, deep fried
    • Phnom Pehn
  •  congee
    • Congee Noodle House
  • crab dish
    • Singapore Crab @ Tropika
  • curry
    • Mui Garden (Richmond)--try their "Curry Beef Brisket"
  • eggplant bharta
    • Raga 
  • Fried rice noodles with beef
    • Cafe Gloucester
  • gado gado
    • Tropika Malaysian Cuisine
  • green onion pancakes
    • Beijing Garden
    • Golden Great Wall
  • hainan chicken 
    • City 1 Cafe Singapore Restaurant (King Ed Plaza)
  • hand-pulled Chinese noodles
    • Northern Delicacy
    • Peaceful Restaurant
  • lobster dish 
  • pad thai
    • Thai Away Home
  • roti canai
    • City 1 Cafe Singapore
  • shrimp dumplings (har gow)
    • Kirin
    • Red Star
  • Singapore fried rice vermicelli
    • Copa Cafe
  • sushi
    • Shiro
    • Ajisai Sushi Bar
    • Applause
  • wonton noodles
    • Congee Noodle House 
  • vietnamese bun (vermicelli noodles/salad bowl)
    • Phnom Pehn
  • vietnamese sub
  • apple pies, classic double crust
  • bagels
    • Siegel's Bagels
  • banana bread
    • Starbucks
  • BBQ pork buns (baked)
  • bread
    • Cobb's Bread
    • St. Germaine
  • chicken pies 
    • Anna's Cake House
  • cheesecake
  • chocolate layer cakes
    • Trafalgar's
    • True Confections
  • cinnamon buns
    • Grounds for Coffee 
  • croissants
    • La Petite France
  • best cake
    • "Diplomat" from Notte's Bon Ton
  • fried apple pies
    • New Town Bakery, Chinatown
  • Pullman Loaf bread (Asian)
    • Yaohan Supermarket Bakery
  • Sandwiches
    • Max's Deli (on Oak)
  • Steamed Big Buns (dai bow)
    • New Town Bakery, Chinatown
  • Sticky Rice Dumplings (mung bean & salted pork Dzung)
    • New Town Bakery, Chinatown
  • Swiss Roll (cream-filled)
    • St. Germaine bakery, Oakridge Mall
  • Calamari (fried)
    • Panos
  • Dolmathes
  • Hummus; Tarama; Tzatziki
    • Athene's
  • Greek Salad
  • Pizza
    • Gigi's
  • Roast Lamb
    • Panos Greek Taverna


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