Thursday 22 August 2013

LUNCHBOX BENTO: Even a Kid Could Do It

Carrots and Ranch Dip, 1 mini flower-shaped Coconut Mochi, Flower and Leaf shaped ham sandwiches, Strawberries and Grapes
Sometimes we wish our kids would stay babies forever.  I was never one of those adults who fawned over newborns though (except mine lol!)

I always looked forward to the day my kids would grow up and be independent.   This year as Bebe (for my food blog she keeps the baby nickname ok?) turned 10 I have consistently pushed her to do more on her own.  Along the way, 6 yo Bib (her alias sure tells you how long I've had my food blog!) kind of started doing things her older sister has to do too.  
These beans were grown from one bean seed Bib planted in Kindergarten.  She brought home the little plant and we plunked it in our backyard veggie garden.  Bib actually ate her beans too!

Gradually, along with tidying up their own rooms and picking up after their toys everyday, I've added more chores.  Right after swim lessons both do the laundry.  I taught Bebe how to operate the washing machine and dryer and she does the towels.  Bib washes the swimsuits in Zero by hand and hangs them to dry.  Yes, Bib isn't strong enough to wring the suits dry enough so that sometimes the next morning they are too damp, but a mom's got to let go of things, right?

After watching me make their lunches in the lunchbot quad containers, they were able to make their own lunches today.  Yay!  Happy dance!  I intend to get them involved in the new school year with making more of their own lunches and snacks. Bebe already uses the microwave and can cook basic things supervised.  Hopefully this will pave the way for even more independence and teach them some mindfulness about food, responsibilities and to not take things for granted! 

I chuckled out loud in the past in the lunchtime hallways when I saw my high school students' freshly made lunches delivered hot to the school doors on ceramic plates covered with foil by their stay-at-home moms.  [OK, I'll come clean:  I'll still laugh and razz 18 yo boys who have their moms deliver their lunches to them!]  This will never be me or my kids.  I wonder about whether or not the values I am teaching my kids are getting through to them and am awestruck by how parents' love can be shown in such diverse and divergent ways.  There's no denying we love 'em.

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