Wednesday 21 August 2013


Coconut Butter Mochi cakes are gluten free additions to a school lunchbox. And they look cute in the mini flower shape.

Cut the mochi cakes small.  They are each probably like a kajillion calories but it's a little sweet treat that will put a smile on your face (and your kids' faces too).

Made of sweet glutinous rice flour (a misnomer because there is no gluten in rice), these little cakes are chewy and similar in texture to huge gummies.  Kinda. Well, actually they're like a hybrid gummy-cake texture. I think? The crust is the best part too. This recipe has both coconut milk and evaporated milk but can be adapted to be all coconut milk and you can definitely reduce the butter or substitute with other fats.  Let the adaptations begin!   However, I wanted a recipe that would taste like Hawaii so I didn't change anything.  This one tastes exactly like the mochi I had on our recent trip to Maui.

The recipe I used is from HERE.


Natalie said...

I haven't heard of Mochi before but they look so good! I love the flower shape too :D

Unknown said...

omg! These coconut mochi cakes sound divine! I actually lived in Honolulu for a little over 2 years and I absolutely love mochi! I am not sure if I ever tried the cake version but this looks amazing- very creative and "Mahalo Nui"- "thanks a lot" for your post:)

Cakebrain said...

Aurelia, you've got to try it. yum!
Baking it, I know...coconut mochi reminds me of Hawaii too! You're welcome. They are just cut into little cakes with my cutter but there's no "cake" texture. This is pretty much authentic in every way other than the shape. :)


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