Sunday 4 September 2011



The Combo’s always the best deal if you ask me!


Seafood Noodle Soup.

Plenty of seafood in here: mussels, prawns and squid.  I thought it a tad on the fishy side though the girls seemed okay with it.  The noodles are supposed to be hand-made.   They do have some bounce.  Rating:  4/6



I love banchan.  I wish that Kyung Bok Palace would give us more of these little dishes.  I liked a lot of variety and particularly like the potatoes and kimchi.




Sweet soy marinated potatoes




Beef Bulgogi. 

Hm. Not so appetizing looking is it?  However, it was quite yummy.  Underneath that flotilla of meat and beef scum is a sweet soy broth that goes well with the rice.  It was a good portion.  Rating:  4.5/6


Rice comes with the Beef Bulgogi


Veggie Tempura


Salad with a creamy dressing.


Banchan: fried slices of sausage (kielbasa?) and marinated potatoes


Beef Bulgogi

Being in a mall almost ensures a restaurant doesn’t rate highly on Urbanspoon…it seems.  Hm.  Well, I think that the restaurant is overpriced for some of the stuff you get, but the deals are in the combos at lunch in particular.  The sushi isn’t good.  So avoid it.  Do go with a combo if you can and the meat is pretty decent.  I liked my beef dish though it was clearly unphotogenic. 

Unfortunately, if you come with kids, they always seat you at the same table on the other side of the glass display near the door.  The tables are placed too far from the booth seats for the kids to reach and inevitably they slide down their seats.  They have to lean forwards, sitting on their knees to reach their meals.  There is plenty of room in the restaurant and so we asked to be seated at a table instead.   The waitress directed us to a far-off private room.  The problem here is it was hard to flag down service.    Service was okay but could have been more attentive. 

I don’t know how authentic kielbasa is as part of a Korean meal, but I go ape over tons of banchan.  I haven’t eaten many Korean meals in my life and the few times I have gone, I have liked it though I’ve always wondered how authentic it was.   
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