Saturday 3 September 2011



Toro Rose.

3 pieces of toro sashimi wound together to create a rose.   It was so pretty and lovely to eat.  I scarfed it down pretty quickly without offering any to Stomach.  Rating:  6/6


Assorted Sushi Combo.

The combo is a pretty good deal at $7.50.  Rating:  4.5/6


Spinach Gomae. 

A very healthy stack of cooked spinach and a nice drizzle of sesame sauce...great on a summer day!  Rating:  5/6


Spicy Tuna Sashimi.

Not having had enough tuna it seems, I proceeded to order more; but with zing.  This version was particularly yummy.  I liked the scallion and sesame sprinkle.   Rating:  5.5/6


Oyster Karaage.

I thought this oyster dish was okay.  I’m not crazy about the batter/crust because it’s dry and kind of crumbly.  I also didn't like the tonkatsu dip and proceeded to dip it into the spicy sweet sauce that accompanied the chicken karaage instead.  Rating:  4/6


Chicken Karaage.

This appetizer dish was boneless chicken pieces.  I don’t know why the pieces were so small though.  The girls liked it though.  Rating:  4.5/6


Shoyu Ramen.

This ramen dish wasn’t as good as from a ramen shop.  Bebe wanted some though.  I didn’t think the broth had as much depth as it could have had.  Rating:  3.5/6


Here you see the damage.  Not too shabby.  

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