Friday 28 January 2011


Rainbow Roll.  5/6

Salmon, Tuna wrapped creative roll with california roll filling in the middle.

Negitoro maki & Tobiko nigiri.  Rating:  5/6

Good flavoured tuna and green onion in the negitoro maki. 

Tuna and Salmon Nigiri; Negitoro Maki.  Rating:  5/6

Pretty big slabs of fish.

Black Pearl Roll.  Spicy scallop filling.  Black tobiko.  Rating:  5/6

Sushi Combo A: Kani, Ebi, Tuna, Salmon nigiri; California maki.  Rating:  5/6

Gyoza.  Rating:  4.5/6

Beef Yakisoba.  Rating:  5/6

Beef Udon.  Rating:  4/6

Deep fried Banana with Vanilla Ice Cream and pop rocks.  Rating:  5/6

Fun to eat for the kiddies…especially with the surprisingly fizzy pop rocks, which are unfortunately distracting for my adult palate!   I liked the banana deep fried (as I like anything deep fried!) contrasted with the cold vanilla ice cream.  However, I wasn’t so gung-ho about the panko-type crumb crust.  A light tempura batter batter would have been my preference.  Artfully presented.  Very cute and kid-friendly.

Dream Sushi is owned/operated by Chinese people I think.  Well, that’s what I heard from the staff, anyway.  It’s a friendly, small restaurant on Main Street with an Asian fusion take on sushi.  One example of a creative roll that  featured Chinese/Japanese fusion ingredients was a BBQ duck roll I had previously…the pic isn’t in this particular visit.   It was pretty good.  Well, I like bbq duck so you can’t go wrong in my books if you stuff it with bbq duck!

Dream Sushi’s walls are plastered with kind notes about the food and service from their customers (I’m assuming!  because we never got any paper to write a comment on. Hm? who gets to write stuff?) 
We preferred the creative rolls to the cooked food here and thought that it was decent sushi at reasonable prices.  Service was attentive and friendly.  However, the place can get cramped pretty quickly.  The place is small and the tables packed pretty close.   The decor is nice and clean.  There’s this interesting light machine that throws light around one wall that is quite mesmerizing for the kiddies. 

Parking is along Main street or the side streets.  It’s across the street from Solly’s Bagels.

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