Sunday 23 January 2011


Green onion pancake.  Rating:  4.5/6

Boiled pork and veg dumplings. Rating:  4/6

Pork in bean sauce with carrots, cucumber and beansprouts on handmade noodles.  Rating:  4/6

I liked the noodles.  I didn’t like the sauce.  It was way too “beany”; with a weird aftertaste imho.   I’ve had this Beansauce noodle bowl in other restaurants (Northern Delicacy, Lin’s and Golden Great Wall)  but the sauce wasn’t like this version.   I wasn’t loving the flavour profile of whatever it was in the sauce.  I couldn’t pin it down.

Chicken with handmade noodle soup.  Rating:  5/6

Again, if you like handmade noodles with some bite, this is the place for you.  The noodles are fresh-pulled on site and you have a choice between dragging, shaved, cutting and a myriad number of cooking techniques applied to them.  You can have them in soup, stir-fried and with many combinations of sauces, meats and veggies.  

I prefer Peaceful to the Sha Lin Noodle Restaurant that used to operate nearby. I believe Sha Lin succumbed to a fire (December 1, 2010).  I have no idea what people saw in the Sha Lin noodle house (since closed down).  The atmosphere at Peaceful is way better, the restaurant is way cleaner, the service much friendlier and the food is just as good if not better.

On one occasion at Peaceful a while back (not posted), I think it was the daughter who was serving us…the music playing was jazzy.  Kind of interesting and I liked that.   I’ve had the MooShoo Pork Noodles which I liked, but Stomach doesn’t like handmade noodles because he thinks they’re doughy.  I on the other hand like that rustic look and appreciate the texture of handmade noodles.  These handmade noodles are not as refined as Northern Delicacy’s.  They are indeed more rustic and fill you up really quickly.   It’s reasonably cheap eats and comfort food.

Parking is out front along W. Broadway (metered) and there's a Canada Line Station nearby as well as plenty of transit.
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