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Stampede burger.  6/6

I haven’t been to Red Robin’s since University eons ago.

Times have changed and I don’t frequent the Milestones, Cactus Clubs and Earls anymore.  Red Robin was  popular simply because it was reasonably priced and a couple steps above McDonalds. 

Today, we’re coming back to visit and the menu seems to have changed slightly.  There is a focus on kid-friendly meals…not that I even remember that element back then.  The Red Robin’s on W. Broadway sports the brass bar of yore, but I noticed helium balloons in primary colours floating above the hostess podium. 
The kiddie menu is significantly more varied than any other I’ve encountered…even White Spot!  There were various permutations with healthy fruit side options and a choice of entrees ranging from pizza, mac ‘n cheese, burgers, grilled cheese, spaghetti, lasagna, chicken fingers…even a corn dog!  There’s crayons, a paper placemat to colour and smoothies, sundaes and milkshakes.  What more could a kid want? 

I don’t recall the menu having all this geared towards the kids.  However, I wasn’t thinking too much of what kids want back then in University anyway. 

Sometimes, I opt to go “bunless”…that is without the regular sesame seed bun and instead ask for the lettuce wrap. The lettuce wrap is low-carb but way difficult to eat. It’s like half a head of lettuce with the meat patty and stuff in between. Sometimes it gets too wet for me from the freshly washed iceberg lettuce and the flavours become diluted because of that. This time, when I ordered the Stampede Burger, I went for the bun and promised myself to run it off on the treadmill later.


Poutine.  Interesting with the thick-cut fries.  I love the fries, but felt the Poutine needed more gravy and curds.   Rating:   4/6


Sauteed Shroom  Burger.     Rating:  5/6
With swiss cheese and sauteed mushrooms, this burger is a classic.  Pretty good.


My kids had the Mac ‘n Cheese with the apple slices side option.   Rating:  5/6.

They give you bottomless fries here, so they just stole a few from hubby’s plate.  The kiddie meal comes with a drink that is housed in a lidded hard plastic take-away cup.  I like that.

We left there with happy girls holding two helium balloons. 

View the Menu HERE.

There is a parkade under the building.  There’s plenty of metered street parking and since it’s along W. Broadway, transit is nearby.

The service was friendly and typically young…it appears that Red Robin’s is still employing plenty of students working their way through college. 

The burgers at this particular outlet are far better than the ones I recall from the past.  I just can’t stand those little red plastic baskets but that’s maybe just me.
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Sarah E. Hoffman said...

bottomless fries? That's a carb overload!


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