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Edamame (comp).  A lovely way to start a ramen meal!


Takoyaki appetizer.  $3.75 for 4 piecees.  Rating:  5/6


Kimchi sidedish.  $2.00  Rating: 5/6


Shio Ramen (tonkatsu broth) with Chasiu, fungus, bamboo, half a boiled egg, beansprouts.  $7.50    It tasted better than it looks.    The fatty pork could have been heated more thoroughly so that the fat wasn’t so white and drabby looking.   I liked the broth.  Good flavour.  Good al dente ramen noodles too.   Good portion of food for the money.   I always order ramen with a side of boiled marinated egg (for $0.50).  They only give you half an egg though.  Sad smile Rating:  5/6

My deepest apologies for this fuzzy pic.   Bib was having a huge nosebleed during dinner and I was reaching over to stem the flow of blood while I was taking this pic with my iPhone.

Nonplussed, Bib was tucking into her Mini Chasiu don (rice bowl) ($2.50, what a deal!) that was the perfect size for her tiny 4-year-old tummy.  The pork was tender, the sauce was perfect and it was a good deal.


Mini Chasiu don ( rice bowl).    $2.50      Rating:  6/6

We will definitely be heading to Q-Go Ramen again because the kids loved it and the ramen portions were decent.  It is not exactly like Santouka, but it’s not as crowded, there’s ample parking on the streets (metered) and I liked that the sides were cheap so we could order more variety.  Besides, my good ramen buddy, who just happens to be Japanese and is a ramen connoisseur of sorts, recommended this place and he’s bang on about quality, quantity and price point.   I thought Santouka still rocks for broth, flavour and the tender melt-in-your-mouth pork cheeks, but their menu is more limited and it was really uncomfortable sitting there smashed up against the other neighbouring diners.  The kids didn’t seem to appreciate the lovely nuances of the broth at Santouka.  I did; however, how can you argue with the prices at Q-Go?  Santouka ain’t cheap.  You get two bowls of Q-Go ramen for one bowl of Hokkaido Ramen Santouka's Toroniku shio ramen.

To read my post about Santouka click HERE.

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