Sunday 29 May 2011


Lee’s Donut holes, glazed.  6/6

Who hasn’t had a Lee’s Donut?

If you haven’t been to Granville Island, and you haven’t peered through the market windows to watch the freshly made doughnuts coming out of the hot fat being dipped into their glazes; if you haven’t smelled the sweet, yeasty hot doughnuts coming fresh from the kitchen and you haven’t been tempted to buy every single different kind of doughnut in the display, then I feel a little sorry for you.

You must go.

Go see. 

Watch the doughnut man craft the doughnuts through the glass window and see him handily dip those piping hot rings of heavenly sweet fried goodness into the huge vats of sticky glaze.    You’ll salivate.    You’ll succumb, and rightfully so.

Then head on over to the fresh fruit displays, brimming with tropical and local fruit piled into carefully stacked pyramids.  Taste the samples and spend $30 on a few boxes of vibrant berries and verdant veggies.  Sticker shock doesn’t seem to immediately come into play when the produce look so good.

We watched these street performers for a while and sent the kiddies with some good hard cash to pay them.  I like how they made snide comments about how even unemployed children are coming up to pay for the performance while adults are stealthily stealing away without as much as a tip! heehee

Yes, those are real flames shooting out of her sneakers!  If that’s not worth at least 5 bucks, I don’t know what is.

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