Sunday 29 May 2011


Potstickers.  Rating:  6/6

Homemade skins and a large portion of plump pork filling make these potstickers yummy.  These dumplings even have a good bit of soup in them making them similar to xiao long baus.  Make sure you’re careful biting into them and ensure you don’t miss  out slurping all that lovey broth!  I love the crispy sides of the skins contrasted with the succulent meat filling.  Great dish.

This is a comp side dish.  It’s a marinated root veg of some sort.  It’s not daikon but perhaps a jicama.  Very nice.

Wonton with meatballs and soft noodles.  Rating:  4/6

Mongolian Beef Pie.  A thin pancake sandwiches a finely ground and seasoned meat filling.  Both sides are panfried crisp and it’s a very tasty dish.  Rating:  5/6

Hot Soybean milk.  Rating:  6/6 

Served in a large bowl, this sweet soybean soup was just right in the amount of sugar employed.  Bebe and Bib had so many bowls I had to order another one to get my share.
Green Onion pancake.  Nice scallion flavour.  Rating:  5/6

The Mongolian Hot Pot menu is one that you fill out by checking the order sheet.

Here’s a link to the restaurant site HERE.

Mongolian Little Sheep Hot Pot is located in Lansdowne Mall.  There’s plenty of parking in the mall lot and the restaurant is huge.  The restaurant belongs to a chain of North American restaurants and the tables each have heating elements safely tucked under a cover. 

I have passed this restaurant dozens of times with no inclination to walk in because I don’t particularly enjoy Hot Pots when the weather is mild.  In fact, even if it’s cold, I prefer to have hot pot at home where it’s more relaxing.  However, recently, we looked at the menus displayed on the storefront and saw that they offered more snacks and dimsum dishes so we gave it a go. Besides, Bebe LOVES little sheep.  She has had a certain "transitional object"...a little lamb stuffie/blankie toy that she's slept with since she was a baby.   Lambs are her favourite animal and the restaurant's little sheep mascot looked cute.  She was all over that.

We were not disappointed by the service or the food.  We didn’t order any Hot Pots, but that might be for another day.  The mini hot pots (for one person) that we saw at other tables looked good.  For some reason, I feel that if we go out to eat in a restaurant, I shouldn’t have to cook my own meal (or do dishes).  So, going to a hot pot restaurant is never high on my priority list.  Given an option to have other Northern Chinese dishes though is nice and I definitely enjoyed some of the Mongolian dishes we tried.

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