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Crab Cake appetizer.  5/6
I always like crab cakes.  This one is pretty good with all the value-added greens and drizzles.  I would have like to see more chunks of crab though there appeared to be more thoroughly mixed throughout.  It was good.


Here’s the crab cake exposed. yum!


Linguine with tomato sauce.  5.5/6
Bebe has eaten pasta with red sauce at high end restaurants.  At West and at DB Bistro Moderne, the chefs specially prepared her the kid-friendly dish that often doesn’t appear on any of these high-end menus.  At Henry’s Bistro, the linguine was prepared with attention to fresh flavours and the sauce was intensely tomato.  She liked it.


Cheesey Garlic Bread.  Really made from a base of really soft  foccaccia, this is the kids’ favourite version of garlic cheese bread.    6/6


Escolar with ratatouille topping on a bed of wheatberry pilaf.  6/6
The fish was cooked perfectly and the flavours were great.  I didn’t expect the healthy wheatbery pilaf and was surprised at how good it was.  I truly do love it when a chef takes the time to turn their veggies properly.  Great technique!

There are daily specials on the chalkboard and though I don’t see the bouillabaise anymore (and thus didn’t order it), I was surprised to see it delivered to another table just as we were about to leave.  I imagine if you’re  a regular and/or request it ahead of time, you could get it. 


Beef short ribs with whole wheat pasta.  6/6
Stomach had this tender beef rib dish and was pleasantly surprised by the healthy whole wheat pasta.  Is Henry trying to watch our carb intake?  Good on him!
I didn’t get to taste it but he assures me it was good.


Cheesecake with Blueberry Sauce.  You can’t see the blueberry sauce because we requested it on the side because we weren’t sure if the gals would like the liqueur in it.  There was coconut in the cheesecake and it was very good.    New York Style.  Rating:  5/6

There is ample parking at King Edward Mall. 

It is considerably quieter in the restaurant than a few years ago when we last visited.  Business has been slower and the menu reflects that.  The menu has been pared down…rightfully so, I suppose in these economic times.  However, I do miss some of the very French things that were on it before like the rillettes and the bouillabaise. 

You can still see all the certificates and pictures of the classically trained chef decorating the walls, and there seems to be a  pretty good selection of wine.    There are daily specials, usually highlighting local ingredients or seafood on the chalkboard. 

Service is good and attentive…mind you it was quiet when we were there.  Good value for the money for this type of fare.  I personally don't like to order pasta for myself here, though it’s perfect for the kids.  I prefer the seafood dishes especially and meat dishes too.  I hope Henry’s survives these harsh economic times.  This place used to be rocking busy a few years ago.

The menu is HERE.

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