Sunday 8 May 2011



BBQ Pork Pie.  5.5/6
These were unique in that they were lemony.  Bebe didn’t like that.  I did.  To each his own.  More for me.


Deep fried Taro with BBQ duck filling.  Yum. What a combination of flavours!  6/6


Egg tarts. Flaky, the way I like the crust.    Rating:  5.5/6


Shrimp Dumplings (har gow).    Rating:   6/6
Thin delicate skins and plump flavourful shrimp make for a classic har gow.


Steamed Crab Dumplings.   Rating:  6/6 
I liked this dumpling variation with the crab in it.  Really nice.


Labelled “Truffle Dumpling” on the menu, these are actually just regular shitake mushrooms.  There were no truffles as far as I could see.  The flavour was also just as disappointing as the name.    Rating:  4/6


Chicken dumplings.  4/6
In a chili oil sauce, these chicken dumplings were actually wontons.  I didn’t think much of them.  They were okay.


The Chicken and Mushroom Congee comes with condiments: scallion, roasted peanuts, pickled mustard greens, sliced Chinese donut (yau tiu).  I liked it! 6/6
Congee is definitely not photogenic.

Chicken and veggies on soft noodles soup.  OMG! so much great flavour!  The technique of cooking the chicken separately first and placing on top of the soup noodles greatly enhanced this noodle soup bowl.  Rating:  6/6

There is ample parking in the underground lot.  It’s free parking, but you just have to remember to tell the hostess that you’re down there…you don’t have to purchase a ticket. 

I really like the dim sum menu selection and intend to come back to try out more new things.  It gets pretty busy here, but we didn’t have a problem getting a table when we arrived around 11a.m. on a weekend.   Service is friendly and efficient. 

The setting is grand and the view grander.  The wait staff are uniformed and this is a higher end Chinese Seafood restaurant so be prepared to pay more.  There is plenty of elbow room and you have the civilized order forms rather than the fun carts ordering option here.

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