Saturday 11 December 2010


Shredded bbq duck with bean sprouts and rice vermicelli.  Rating:  6/6

Beef rice noodles in soy sauce.  Rating:  6/6

On previous visits, I’ve had the Baked Pork Chop on Rice, which is very good…love the deep fried pork chop!  I’m not crazy about the texture of HK Cafe steaks.  They’re sliced way too thinly for me and always have a strange metallic taste from overuse of the marinades that tenderize the steaks to mush.  They are not very “beefy” tasting and employ sauces that taste of canned stocks and cornstarch.  The prime rib isn’t too bad, but I don’t like all the stuff that is served alongside it. 

For Cafe Gloucester, the stir-fried rices, noodles and baked rice dishes are pretty good.  My daughters like the noodle soups.  I’ve had the Laksa and it was okay too.  I think the best baked rice dishes are the Baked Curry Pork chop on rice, the Portuguese style chicken on rice and I even liked the Baked Tahiti style Pork chop on rice.  The key was the deep fried pork chop in my opinion. Yum!

A dish I think is particularly yummy is the Deep Fried Squid tentacles.  It’s at the back of the early bird menu and is like an appy. 

We’ve always had good service at Cafe Gloucester.  The waitresses chit-chat with my kids and the food is always consistent and comes out pretty quickly. 

We're all over the early bird mini menus that come with a complimentary drink.  The prices average around $7 and you get a decent selection.  The best part of going to HK Cafes is the fact that the kids can have French fries, Deep Fried Chicken Wings, a sandwich, or Baked Spaghetti...and the price point and smaller mini meals are perfect for our family because the girls don't really eat that much. We'd rather eat a light meal around 5pm anyway.

Parking is metered on Cambie street out front and also along the side streets.  Beware of residents only parking signs in the neighbourhood.

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