Wednesday, 16 April 2008


condensed milk in a tube?

The other day, we were at Yaohan Centre Mall in Richmond and I walked into an Asian candy store upstairs. OMG there were all sorts of interesting things.

I grabbed some candy bars in flavours that I've never seen before in the regular supermarkets and I even found Condensed Milk that comes in a tube! I didn't know if I were to brush my teeth with the stuff or squeeze it all over my hot buttered toast! What'll they think of next? Hm...Nutella in a tube? It probably does exist somewhere in the world.

matcha flavoured kit kat...a high end candy bar "for a moment of precious indulgence"!
chestnut-flavoured kitkat

As a child, I've always loved KitKats and Coffee Crisps. I liked to eat them in know--scrape off all the chocolate with your teeth and peel them off to eat as single wafers. The best part was the malty filling part. The flavour that blew my mind away at the Asian candy store was "Chestnut". Matcha I can see...but the chestnut flavour sure was interesting.
chocolate biscuit shaped like mushrooms

I also picked up some chocolate cookies at Yaohan. These biscuits come in cute shapes like coniferous trees and mushrooms. They're topped with chocolate that's been molded to form the cap of the mushrooms or the "leaves" of the tree. I've had these before and they are quite tasty. Bebe loves the little mushroom shapes.
it's been pointed out that these are bamboo shoot shaped (now i see the bamboo in the foreground and the bambooish font!), but as a canadian, i of course saw them as coniferous trees!

The store also had a myriad of Pocky flavours, Hello Kitty candies, asian-inspired gums, chips and other snacks. I was overwhelmed by the selection and kept wondering why in mainstream supermarkets in Canada we only get such a limited selection of flavours? We get crappy ol' coffee, strawberry, vanilla or chocolate flavours. How humdrum!
Visiting an Asian Mall in Vancouver is pretty much like walking into another country...except you can leave your passport at home! What fun!


Anonymous said...

Ohh i had a red wine flavored Kit Kat once. You've got to love Japanese shopping malls. Lot's of cool stuff!

Anonymous said...

yeah for Condensed milk in a tube. We have had it here in Aus for years, we also have condensed milk and coffee in a tube, just add to hot water. Both are great for camping!

Anonymous said...

Hah! I remember those tubes of condensed milk - during our VCE (our equivalent of SAT) studies, the girls in my school could commonly be seen sucking on those tubes for an instant sugar hit to help them stay awake during class :P

test it comm said...

I really like the Japanese KitKats. I usually try to order them from Japan when I can.

amycaseycooks said...

I love going to my Japanese market. I could shop the aisles for hours. I am always spying in other people's shopping carts to see what they are buying. I'm going to be on the lookout for the Kitkats.

cakewardrobe said...

I can spend HOURS in Asian candy store!!! I'm glad you brought home tons of goodies!!

Kiarill said...

Hey! I love the different kitkats and meiji chocolates! [btw, that's bamboo shoot shaped, not coniferous tree shaped.]

spicyicecream said...

I had a matcha kitkat last weekend, we found them (along with vanilla bean and gianduja) in an Asian store. I was fascinated by the many different kinds of tea and spices! I too could spend all day there :)

The matcha was very nice, but I preferred the gianduja actually. The vanilla bean one was waay sweet.

Palidor said...

Asians, especially the Japanese, really love their snacks. I always bought a ton of Pocky and other snacks when I would visit Chinese malls in Toronto. When I visited Tokyo last year, I was blown away by the sheer amount and variety of snacks available. If you can find Meiji chocolates, I highly recommend them. They are so smooth, quite unlike any other chocolate I've had.

Anonymous said...

I live in Holland, and here you can buy lots of stuff in tubes: Nutella, peanut butter, jam, cheese, shrimp-paste, salmon-paste and probably a lot more, which I never buy because food in a tube just doesnt seem that natural to me :).


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