Friday 18 April 2008


a moist slice of freshly baked banana bread

I collect bananas.

I buy a bunch whenever I shop at the market and if we eat them, that's fine, but if there's a couple lying around too brown and spotty for anyone to want to eat, I just peel them and toss them into a ziploc bag in my freezer.

Eventually, I accumulate enough bananas to make my favourite banana bread recipe.
I actually don't enjoy eating bananas per se, but I do love banana bread. With the little ones around, there's reason to bake 2 loaves. The recipe yields 2 loaves, but can easily be cut in half to make just one. I leave one freshly baked loaf out to eat and the other one I slice and wrap individually in plastic wrap. I toss these into a ziploc bag and shove that in my freezer too. When Bebe or Bib need a

snack or I'm in stuck for an idea for breakfast, I just take out what I need and zap it in the microwave for 25 seconds. It's a great time-saver and the banana bread still tastes fresh.My favourite banana recipe is moist and full of banana flavour. Ensure the bananas you use are spotty brown for the best results. If I want to get fancy, I scrape out the seeds from a vanilla bean instead of using the vanilla extract. It is so good. The recipe is here.


Anonymous said...

I'm so envious! I always buy bananas when I go shopping, but they never have the chance to get brown enough to bake with as my brother and sister are absolute banana fiends :( Nice photos!

test it comm said...

Banana bread is one of my favorites as well. I have about a dozen frozen ripe bananas in my freezer now. I had better get baking.

Anonymous said...

That's what i call the perfect breakfast! Yum!

Jerri at Simply Sweet Home said...

hello. great blog you have here. i wish i had a slice of your banana bread for breakfast or maybe one of your cinnamon rolls. everything looks yummy!


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