Friday 27 July 2007


This is cakebrain's rendition of Ikea's almond tarts. They go so well with tea. After tasting them I knew I could duplicate them at home. After experimenting, I found this one to taste most like the one from Ikea.

12 frozen tart shells
4 oz butter, unsalted
1/3 cup (2 1/2 oz) powdered sugar
1 egg
5 oz ground almonds
2 t all purpose flour
1 t vanilla
1 t almond extract

Icing Glaze
1/2 cup confectioner's sugar & a few teaspoons skim milk mixed to form a glaze to top the tarts

  • Cream the sugar and the butter well.

  • Mix in the egg; beat well.

  • Add the rest of the ingredients to mix and spoon into tart shells

  • Smooth filling

  • Bake 325F for 15-20 minutes

  • Glaze the cooled tarts with the icing.


Unknown said...

hi i am vegetarian and would like to know an alternative for egg, if u could help. its my daughters first birthday next mont, iwanna to bake her a cake

Cakebrain said...

Hi! I am thinking maybe use egg substitute? Give it a try. I haven't tried to sub egg substitute but it might work


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