Saturday 27 August 2011



Curry Beef Brisket.

I’m sticking my neck out here on this one.  I do think this is the best Curried Beef Brisket in Metro.    Rating:  6/6

All around the restaurant, patrons have this dish on their table.  You have to try it to believe me.  The curry has a coconut milk base and is not particularly hot and spicy.  It has just enough kick to keep you piling on the rice.  I can eat a whole bucket of rice if I had enough of this curry sauce.   I love how the potatoes soak up all the curry sauce too.  The brisket is surprisingly tender but it doesn’t dissolve into tiny mushy shreds.  It holds together quite well but is still moist and soft. 


The combo meal features a complimentary soup (above), rice and free dessert (red bean soup…ick!)  I didn’t touch my red bean soup, but imagine it tastes like red bean soup.  I have found that in general, soups are not very photogenic. You agree?


This sorry looking sandwich is what Bib wanted to order.  It’s ham between two slices of toast.  That’s it. $3.00 I think.

I can’t wait until my daughters stop wanting to order sandwiches every time we go out to a restaurant to eat.

Roti with curry sauce dip.  Rating:  5/6


Deep Fried Chicken Wings.  Surprisingly, these were exceptionally good.  The coating was a light and crispy batter similar to the one at Phnom Pehn.  Rating:  6/6


Choy sum and Fish Slices.  Rating:  5.5/6

Mui Garden 梅園粉麵茶餐廳 (Main St) on Urbanspoon


x-Fatalove said...

Hi. I just stumble upon your blog & I enjoyed looking through your post & photos of all the delicious food. I use to make different types of curry a lot. Curry is so delicious, so I don't want to eat it too much or I'll get tired of it. Haha. Take Care. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi.I just stumbled on your blog as well and was delighted to have found it.This past year I've also been on a quest(that my wife chuckles about) to find curried beef brisket similar to what Bill Kee(an old greasy spoon on Bdwy and Ontario) used to serve.So far,I'd have to agree with you about the Mui Garden being the best,even though it isn't exactly what I'm looking for.Keep blogging.

Cakebrain said...

I used to go to Bill Kee all the time in the 80's! Man, that was a long time ago! I was just a kid! They had good food and great curried beef brisket. I remember it well! Haven't found anything like the Bill Kee brisket though. As I recall, the curry had a peppery note (white pepper?)


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