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Orange Peel Beef.  5/6


Panfried Pork Buns.  6/6
The Panfried Pork buns were so good.  The pork filling is like the kind you get in xiao long bau.  However, the bun is like the yeast-risen steamed fluffy buns, but panfried on the bottoms so that you have a soft and fluffy texture on top, crunchy caramelized bottoms and juicy savoury pork filling with soup dribbling all down your chin.  They do indeed retain the soup well and I really enjoyed this version.

Shanghai Noodles.  6/6
Great “wok hei” and the flavours were great.  The picture doesn’t do it justice as I was having lighting issues with my iphone.

Shanghai Soup Noodles. 4/6
I didn't like this as much as the Dan Dan Noodles.

Hot and Sour Soup.  4/6
Decent hot and sour soup with bits of tofu, bamboo and wood fungus shreds floating about. 

Dan Dan Noodles with Meat Sauce.  6/6!

Marinated beef rolled in Green Onion pancake.  5/6
I liked the flavours; especially the fact that the pancake had green onion flavour.  The thinsly sliced meat was good and though the pancake seemed a bit undercooked and soft rather than flaky, it was all good.

Green onion pancake.  5/6 
I have no idea what happened with the lighting here, but I was in a hurry because the girls were ready to grab the pancake with their little fingers.  I had to crop out Bebe’s hand from the pic!

Lin’s Cuisine is located along W. Broadway, across from the VSB and Cookworks.  There is a bus stop right out front and it is easy to miss the restaurant if you’re looking for it because of the bus crowds that tend to congregate there.  Metre parking can sometimes be found along W. Broadway out front, and there are costly parkades located near the VSB and Chapters across the street. 

Lin’s is frequented by many regulars.  It has a solid customer base and is often very busy on the weekends.  Everyone always orders the xiao long bau and it is very good.  Though I took a pic, it didn’t turn out very well.  They’re good though.  You can watch the ladies forming them through the glass partition located in front of the kitchen.

Service can be spotty sometimes, especially if it gets busy.  Also the waitresses seem to cater to regulars.  I guess that is a good thing if you're a regular.  The food is solid and the prices are reasonable.  I think the Dan Dan Noodles with meat sauce (the Deluxe!) is the best in the area.

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