Friday 27 July 2007


Staying at Poh Poh's house during the summers when I was young was great fun. She would make this simple dough that was much like playdough. Poh Poh would form little ducks and balls with the brown dough with me and then she would steam it so I could eat it!

1 cup glutinous rice flour
1 cup wheat starch
1 cup brown sugar
boiling water
vegetable oil

  • Boil water. Combine all dry ingredients
  • Add water slowly and mix until dough doesn't stick anymore. Knead in a little vegetable oil. Add additional rice flour if dough is too sticky
  • Roll into ball or other shapes
  • Steam for 20 minutes


mrmowtow said...

do you have a picture of this? i am looking for a recipe for something my grandma used to make.. not sure if this is it.

Cakebrain said...

No, I haven't made these in ages. I just recorded this particular recipe without a pic because it comes from my old recipe box and it is from my grandma. It can be made into little balls or ducks or any shape really. After you steam them, they taste a bit sweet and kind of doughy. They look opaque; not translucent. Tad sticky too. All it is, is rice flour and sugar which is essentially what most Chinese desserts tend to be; albeit in different proportions.


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