Saturday 9 September 2017

Foraged-Blackberry No-Churn Ice-cream & Totoro Choux au Craquelin

What to do with the many buckets of FREE local blackberries you've picked along railroad tracks, parks and roadways in Vancouver? How about Foraged Blackberry No-churn Ice Cream?

Your leaf or mine?
How about stuffing Choux au Craquelin with that blackberry ice cream?

Cream puffs are dead easy to make.  Top it with craquelin and you're good to go

The craquelin are perfectly round and crispy on the top.

I made some crėme pâtissière with which to stuff the choux au craquelin.

Here are my bowls of whipped heavy cream and the blackberry ice cream mixture ready to combine for the no-churn blackberry ice cream.  I had pureed the blackberries and sieved out the seeds for a beautifully smooth texture.

Heavy Whipping Cream is whipped stiff and then incorporated with your ingredients to lighten the texture of the ice cream

I used a whisk to combine the mixture without deflating the whipped cream

Olive thinks that the Totoro Choux au Craquelin was cute

These went over well at my family bbq.  Good stuff! Make good use of all those free blackberries!


jyoworld said...

Wow!!!Looks so delicious

Heather (Delicious Not Gorgeous) said...

apparently i need to go to vancouver asap (there's no free blackberries on the side of the road in california!!).and the totoro cream puffs are super cute (:


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