Thursday 5 September 2013


Pretty Banana Bread Madeleines (gluten free)
How long can a working mom sustain this bento madness?

these madeleines were so much tastier with banana bread batter and stay moist so much longer!

So it's been 2 days of school lunches and I have tweeted my kids' bento lunches each day.  Zowee! on a roll!

Banana Bread madeleine (gf), Mini Coeur de Lion cheese, Ham between Pumpkin/Veggie Bread
I have been tweeking my gluten free banana bread recipe to the point of near perfection.  It has: coconut oil, free range eggs, 7 bananas, my hand-blended GF flour, lots of psyllium husks for fiber and brown sugar.  It tastes amazing.  Since I'm the only gluten intolerant person in this household, I have to make sure my baking is yummy enough for all to eat.  This one's a winner.  yummo!

watermelon in the mini lunchbots leakproof stainless steel container & lunchbot quad with banana bread madeleine (gf), coeur de lion mini cheese, strawberries & flower-shaped ham sandwiches using whole grain pumpkin bread
I decided to plop some of the batter in my madeleine pan to bake because the shell shapes would be perfect for the bento box Quadrant!  And it was.


LotusRapper said...

Cool !

Wonder if you can make cornbread madeleines ? We loooove Trader Joe's CB mix. Always keep a box or two in the pantry.

Other madeleines ..... carrot cake, pumpkin cake, zuchini cake ..... oh the possibilities !

Cakebrain said...

Oh yes! Of course you can! It's just a shell form. For some reason the kids say it tastes better in cool shapes. Fun factor!


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