Wednesday 15 May 2013


Meet my friend, the 1M Wilton Tip.

So you want to learn how to swirl buttercream like a professional?

I created a couple of Vine looping videos for you with the help of my 6 year old.  She held the iPhone and tapped the screen to help me tape the videos.

On the first take, the buttercream farted.  I had air pockets in the piping bag and didn't burp the bag so thus the fart at the end.  Just do as I say (and not as I do) and burp your bag (getting all the air pockets out) and you won't the have a buttercream fart.  This entails simply squeezing a small amount of buttercream into a container while twisting from the top to get rid of the air pockets.

In the second video there are no buttercream farts.  I don't pile on the buttercream like they do in the bakeries because we simply don't like that much buttercream on the cupcakes.  But do as you please.  You can take your sweet time building a higher conical mound of buttercream if you're so inclined.


Unknown said...

Wow this is such a classy and elegant swirl! love it!

Cakebrain said...

Aw shucks! Thx!

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Tina at Online PhD Programs said...

Since last month, I’ve been searching for a tutorial on to make swirls for cupcakes and other desserts until I’ve found your new blog post. I was very happy for my prayers were answered. Thanks a million for sharing this wonderful tip. Hope to see more of your recipes and tips. Ciao!

Cakebrain said...

glad you found the post/vine videos helpful!
I would say a pic is worth 1000 words; but it seems a looping 6 second video tutorial is worth 2000 perhaps!


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