Saturday 5 November 2011



Deluxe Suika Box:  Suika’s Appetizer sampler box.

Yes, it was very good…and appetizing!  I had  to order the sampler because I love variety!  The portion sizes were not too bad...served in little sake cups in a lacquer box. It was a gorgeous presentation.


Negitoro sashimi appetizer.  Lots of fresh tuna in a delicious sauce; topped with scallions. 


Chicken karaage.  Crispy nicely fried moist boneless chicken. 


Corn Kakiage:  like a corn tempura.  My favourite dish of the night! Fresh niblets lightly battered and nicely seasoned...they were so addictive!


Beef Filet fried rice with garlic.  Crispy fried garlic slices and tenderloin beef chunks! yum!


Oxtail ramen:  my girl loves ramen.  The broth is super rich.  Definitely nice beefy flavour with chunks of meat throughout.


Matcha Creme Brulee.  This is not like a real creme brulee in that it is frozen.  It’s like matcha ice cream in texture but cut into it with a spoon...and it's hard because it's frozen!   It tastes like matcha creme brulee.  Neat! The crunchy brulee is caramelized sugar and there’s a dusting of matcha on the plate.


Pumpkin creme brulee…a seasonal dessert in a tiny single-serving size.


Creamy, pumpkin-y, yummy!


We each had a complimentary frozen grape at the end.  The girls scarfed their two grapes down before I could get a shot of all the grapes.  Something so simple can be so refreshing!


The bottle chandelier.  Cool!

Service was attentive and the atmosphere really neat.  The colours were dark and decor was modern and funky.  I loved the attention to presentation of the food. I also enjoyed trying all the different menu items and look forward to coming back to try other the Chinese poutine.  I wasn't in the mood for fusion tonight; maybe next time!

Suika is located on W. Broadway.  There is plenty of metered parking out front. 

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Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

You guys get a lot more interesting Asian restaurants in Vancouver! Plus, fresher fish for sushi / sashimi.


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