Tuesday 18 October 2011

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Mini Cheesecakes with Double-duty Cranberry Sauce

Cute Polymer Clay Witch

This polymer clay witch magnet was made by my cousin.  This cute figure and many like her (dentists, princesses, snowmen etc.) can be found for sale at her Etsy site.  They are hugely adorable and I think they would make great cake-toppers for kids (and adults) to be reused as magnets.  They have been coated so frosting/grease won’t penetrate the baked clay figurines and I even washed the chef guy because he had cranberry sauce all over him.  The little circular magnets are attached to the back.  Check them out HERE at her Etsy site, and click HERE for her blog.


Here’s the Polymer Chef.  He had a hand in the cranberry sauce as you can see.

For Thanksgiving dinner, I made cranberry sauce with a bag of cranberries, one cup sugar and one cup water (just like it says on the package!)  I love the jewel tones of the berries and the leftover sauce is perfect for topping the mini cheesecakes.  I always have tons of cranberry sauce leftover.


After brining my organic turkey, I dried it in the refrigerator overnight.  Then I roasted it back side up.  Here it is ready to be flipped around breast-side up to finish roasting.

We like tradition around here.  I stuff my turkey with plain ol’ bread stuffing.

Here’s the creamed spinach and mushroom.

I roasted some veggies too:  brussel sprouts, carrots, parsnips, beets, turnips and onions.

For the mini cheesecakes, I used this recipe HERE.


Ali Mc said...

that dinner looks great. Looks like you're canadian?? as we just ahd our thanksgiving....unless you're already preparing lol nice photos

Cakebrain said...

Ali, you betcha...born and raised in Vancouver! Happy belated Thanksgiving!

amlamonte said...

those figures are darling! i'm bookmarking that etsy page for christmas gifts...i didn't know canadians had thanksgiving in october! happy thanksgiving!

Ashley@Bakerbynature said...

What a gorgeous feast! I can't wait to stuff myself silly when our Thanksgiving here rolls around.

Anonymous said...

Wow! amazing food and very delicious most likely!

artsinhand said...

your food looks great! Thanks for showing my figures.



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