Saturday 15 October 2011


Short Ribs and Prawns.  Served with a Mushroom Sauce on the side.

The veggies were an extra add-on.  The prawns were grilled just perfectly in the shells.  The short ribs were good and seasoned perfectly.  Good portions.   Good value. Rating:  5/6

The AAA Prime Rib was Medium Rare, as requested.

Prime Rib special $12.95 comes with an onion sauce.  Good deal.  Nice chunk of meat.  Tasty.  This comes with soup of the day.  Rating:  5/6

Soup of the day:  pork bone broth with green daikon and almonds.  Comes with the prime rib special.  Rating:  6/6 (flavourful, but didn’t go that well with the prime rib)


Fire on Ice Slush.  Lychee on the bottom, and some fruity orangey red stuff on top...Mango and Peach maybe? Grenadine?  I think.  The kiddies fought over who could drink it.  Then when I told them they had to share, it was all about who sipped more during their turn.  To resolve the issue, I said that I’d drink it all so they couldn’t fight over it anymore.

Ham and Egg Sandwich.  We asked for cheese to be added.  It was a good idea.  The fries were crispy.  Rating:  5/6 (would be a 6/6 if they grilled it instead of toasted it)

We've visited both Flo's and think the Vancouver one is better.  We like the's more fresh.  The food is slightly better and the plating is nicer.  The one in Richmond was okay but didn't particularly impress in any area.  The first few times we visited the Vancouver location, the service was pretty bad but the food was quite good.  Stomach is all about a deal and thought the value was there. So we came back a few more times just to make sure the kitchen was consistent.  They are.   The portions are bigger than Cafe Gloucester and Copa Cafe.  The menu selection is different and they do serve neat drinks.  They have specialty slushies and bubble teas too.

This last time we went, we had perfect service and a perfectly yummy meal.  The value was good and we were very happy.  I think they hire a lot of students.  So it's hit and miss with whether you get good service or not.  Some have no idea that they need to take empty plates/dishes away and top up tea etc. They avoid eye contact and wander around seemingly focused on one task, not realizing that they can do things more quickly if they multi-task.  However, this one waiter we have...he had spiky dyed-brown hair...I like him.  He didn't screw up our orders (unlike the previous wait-staff) and he was friendly, smart and efficient.   I'll be seeking him out next time.

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Tiffany Yang said...

I really love your restaurant reviews. I think I'll be visiting your blog every Sunday before we go out for dinner ;D


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