Wednesday 31 August 2011

Venice Garden Seafood Restaurant

venice garden seafood

Fish Head Hot Pot

After a visit to the PNE, we cruised the neighbourhood for dinner.  Venice Garden Seafood is located in a plaza shared with T and T Supermarket and it there was plenty of parking in the lot.

It’s been a while since we’ve eaten in the area and this restaurant seems to be a reincarnation of a previous restaurant that we visited once.  It seems to have gone a tad upscale since we last ate here.  There were white tablecloths during dinner.

My mother’s fave dish is Fish Head Hot Pot.  I had a piece of fish and thought it was kind of fishy.  The pieces were mostly skin and bones and were deep fried first before combined into the hotpot.  This dish seemed to be okay with mom.  I however, didn’t enjoy it. 

venice garden seafood

Complimentary Turnip & Carrot Soup

We opted for a menu combination that included a complimentary soup, rice and dessert.  These clear soups are my kids’ favourite types of soup.  This one was very good and had a rich flavour.

venice garden seafood

Silky Eggs and Prawns

The Silky Eggs and Prawns were cooked quite nicely; however I thought the eggs were insufficiently seasoned.   It was my favourite dish of the whole dinner.  Rating:  4.5/6

venice garden seafood

Tofu Hot Pot

The Tofu Hot Pot was okay.  I thought it tasted like the Fish Head Hot Pot in that it had the same sauce.   Rating:  3.5/6

venice garden seafood

Beef and Bok Choy

The Beef and Bok Choy was okay.   The beef was plentiful and tender.  Rating:  4/6

venice garden seafood

Spicy Green Beans

The Spicy Green Beans unfortunately were ruined by my mother who asked for the dish to be not so spicy.  The cook interpreted this to mean no spice at all.  This pretty much made the dish flavourless.   Rating:  3.5/6

venice garden seafood

Green Bean and Tapioca Dessert Soup

Complimentary sweet soup was meh.  I haven’t had too many versions in my life that were good enough to have me want to pay for it.   Rating:  3/6

Overall, the meal was economical.  We took home plenty of leftovers.  Eating in the East Side definitely is cheaper it seems.  The flavours at Venice Garden are not as delicate and refined as some Cantonese restaurants.  However, the portions are large and there are combo meal deals to be had. 

The restaurant menu options include congee, noodles and Cantonese fare.  The service was not so attentive.  The premises in the eating area were relatively clean though.   I don’t know if I’d come back again as some dishes were misses.   I wish the dishes were more consistently good and seasoned better.

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Unknown said...

I might give this place a shot. I really love sweet soups! As long as it's not watered down..


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