Sunday 7 August 2011



Rose Caramel. 

One bite of this Recchiuti confection and I knew it was quality stuff.


See that one lonely square of Fleur de sel caramel from my bag of many that didn’t get squished in my carry on luggage (it’s the little square with the white diagonal lines at each corner)?  They were very tasty squished anyway.

Funny thing about squished chocolates.  For some reason, there is impetus in me to eat them quickly.  I pop them in my mouth without  hesitation because their beauty is marred.  I save the prettiest confections for last, to be savoured slowly.  I linger over perfectly beautiful desserts. 

On our recent trip to San Francisco I was given a big goodie bag of confections from  my cousin from the Recchiuti Confections shop that we visited in the Ferry Building.

Only now have I gotten around to tasting the different chocolates I brought home to Vancouver and boy are they delicious! 



The Vanilla bean marshmallows had that hand-cut home-crafted look.  My daughters inhaled them.   They saved a few for a playdate…and their girlfriends inhaled them as well.  They received sticky thumbs up all around.


Smores bites.

These were covered in dark chocolate and the little square of graham cracker rested on the bottom of the marshmallow. 


Rose Caramel

Delicate rose geranium oil swirled into light, buttery caramel. Cast in a white chocolate couverture and capped with bittersweet chocolate”.


Recchiuti Confections, located in the Ferry Building in San Francisco is a chocolate lover’s paradise.  There were specialty chocolates for wine pairing, beautiful custom chocolates and other chocolate-related paraphernalia.  They seemed to specialize in chocolate covered fleur de sel caramels and marshmallows.
Thank you Sylvia for introducing me to these gorgeous chocolates!  You have good taste!

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