Sunday 14 August 2011



Watermelon, feta and roasted beet salad.


Caesar Salad.  Crowned with roasted garlic. yum.


The Watermelon and Roasted Beet salad was refreshing.  Romain hearts and baby arugula are lightly dressed in lemon chardonnay vinaigrette. The candied pecans were scrumptious and I ate them all first!  This salad came with my Steak Frites.
Rating:  5/6


My kids collect these little plastic drink decorations from Milestones.  We have a jar full and these black panthers are rare! This one is perched on Bebe’s glass of chocolate milk.

Grilled chicken with jasmine rice and fruit.  Bib was the healthy one today and chose this kiddie meal. Chicken was was tender and she liked it very much.


Penne with tomato sauce (from kid’s menu). Rating:   5/6

Milestones is very kid-friendly and the paper placemats have both the kiddie menu on one side and puzzles and things to do on the other.  They also provide you with a box of crayons.  The kiddie meals come with a choice of drink and a dessert. 


Appetizer calamari.  No rings! Tender thick cuts of squid steak served with two dipping sauces: andouille sausage tomato ragu and preserved lemon aioli.  Rating:  5/6

My Steak Frites: beef tenderloin seared and served with caramelized bacon, green peppercorn and gorgonzola reduction and roasted portabello mushrooms.  Thankfully, I didn't detect much gorgonzola...I was worried about that.  Rating:  5.5/6

I liked my fries, but they were screaming for a dip or some sort.


I like my beef medium-rare.


Vanilla Gelato with Chocolate Cookie (kid’s menu dessert…included in meal).


Dessert Shooters:  a little of everything! just the way I like it!
Rating:  5/6

Breakup Tub:  cookie dough ice cream, caramel and chocolate cookie. Yum! I could eat a tub of this!


Ganache Torte:  This chocolate one was too cloying for me.  Very rich and dense.  I don’t think I could have eaten a whole regular-sized dessert. 


My favourite is always the  Apple Crumble or Crisp…or any apple dessert.  This Caramel Apple Crisp was my favourite of the shooters.
Key Lime Pie shooter with almond coconut crust, key lime custard, vanilla cream and whipped cream.


White Chocolate Cheesecake. Very good.

Milestone’s Website is HERE.  I like how they have a GF section, a vegetarian section and a kiddie menu.  They even have Date Night specials, birthday specials and girls’ night out deals. 


The Kits Milestones has a pretty big parking lot adjacent to it; there is a patio and is the restaurant is accessible through transit as it is on W. Broadway.  Plenty of street parking nearby.

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