Saturday 27 August 2011



Housemade potato chips!



We found some complimentary deep fried snacks near the register.  The girls chomped these while waiting for our sandwiches.

3 Taquitos come per order.  These had potato and cheese inside.    Rating:  4.5/6

There's the filling of the taquito.


Pork Huaraches:  pulled pork in a corn tortilla topped with mashed black beans, cabbage, cheese, sour cream and served with red salsa.  $8.75 special.  Rating:   5/6


The bun was neither too hard nor too soft.  It held the filling in pretty well considering. 


Pierna Tortas.  nom nom.


I was quite happy with my sandwich.  It had a kick from the pickled jalapeno and some tang with the pickled onion.  The cabbage provided crunch and the pulled pork had been marinated in Mexican spices.  It was one of the better sandwiches I’ve eaten in a while.  It also was very messy to eat.  I struggled to keep it all together near the end.

In the background, you can see my iced tea.  It was a fountain drink that I ordered.  They also have neat bottles of Mexican sodas and agua fresca. 

I’ll be back for the chips and sandwiches again.  It was really good.


Two little sticks of churros are in one order.  $2.00.

Here’s the damage.  Not too bad.  My sandwich was $8.95 but I felt it was filling.  The girls hoovered up the potato chips and alas, I didn’t get to try any but I suspect they were excellent since they were made on site.

Ordering is pretty straight-forward.  Grab a paper bag.  Write your name on it with the markers provided.  Check off what you want in the boxes on the bag.  Pay at the register and wait for your food.

The restaurant is small with a few tables and a bar stool counter at the front window.

These sandwiches would make for great take-out of picnic food.  I'll have to keep that in mind.  I've never had such a sandwich and imagine I'll be back for more so I can try the other fillings.

There is metered street parking on Cambie Street and transit is nearby.

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