Monday 8 August 2011


I don't eat things that stare back at me! 

Stomach relished it though.  He ate my sweet prawn sashimi. 


We have passed by this restaurant many a time and chosen instead Bebe’s favourite next door, Northern Delicacy.

Today for lunch, we decided to try something new and this Guu, located in Aberdeen Centre Mall looked promising.


Grilled Black Cod. Topped with garlic chips. mmm.


Lunch Combo #4.


Sweet shrimp, california roll, tamago, salmon sashimi and ginger component of Lunch Combo#4


Stewed Veggies component of Lunch Combo#4.

I really enjoyed this  veggie component.  The veggies were tender and absorbed the sweet soy stewing juices.  Yum.


BBQ Eel on rice component of Lunch Combo #4.

I am surprised I like BBQ Eel considering what it is.  However, it tastes like fish.  The teriyaki sauce is drizzled a bit over rice to and I never have enough eel to get all the rice down.  I left 3/4 of the rice behind.


Croquettes, grilled chicken and pickles component of Lunch combo#4. 

The croquettes come with a tonkatsu-type dipping sauce.    I did not detect any curry flavour in the croquette though the menu said it was curry.  This didn’t matter as I liked it anyway.  The chicken was tender thigh meat.  The pickles were a refreshing palate cleanser.


Lunch Combo #2. The dressing is served separately in the glass bottle and is spicy.


Cold ramen noodles with steamed chicken, sweet prawns, tomato, egg, cucumber and a smear of yellow mustard.  Nice on a summer’s day.  The main entree component of Lunch Combo #2.


Chicken karaage (1 pretty big piece)and california roll (2 pieces)


The Pickles component of lunch combo#2


This Aberdeen Roll has spicy sashimi, bbq eel, masago, avocado, cucumber, mango sauce and garlic chips, egg and teriyaki sauce. 



Mini chicken and fishcake udon for the kids.  They each had a bowl.  Perfect size for their appetites.


We ordered an extra dish of chicken karaage because Bebe liked it so much.  It was very good.




All in all, we were extremely happy with our experience.  The bill did not break the bank and the food was really good, creative and different from the run-of-the-mill Japanese restaurants.  As far as I could tell, everyone working there spoke Japanese.  The Lunch Menu Combo choices were a good deal.  The service was okay...I would have liked the waitress to come around and be more attentive at refilling our green tea; but they were friendly and helpful when beckoned. 

I have never eaten at the other Guu locations before so I cannot compare.  I hear they are better?  I can only tell you that this was a very good lunch and we were happy with the food.  MIL wants to come back again as she liked the black cod and variety.  We will have to try a dinner here later to see how it fares.

I wanted to try the Sake Mojito but thought it too early in the day.  :(

I noticed a really extensive liquor menu that featured specialty beers, wines and sakes. They even sell their own portable reusable chopsticks for $5.  I was tempted.  

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