Friday 15 July 2011



Roast Lamb

This is what I come here for…a huge chunk of meat!  The succulent lamb meat falls off the bone and I like to squeeze lemon over all of it.    Rating:  6/6

The portions are hefty and waitresses always mistakenly deliver the lamb to Stomach instead of me.  He eats like a bird in general…picking off everyone’s dishes and doing “clean-up” duty as a good daddy should.


Stomach ordered the Calamari appetizer.  The rings were tender and it was lightly battered.  Very good.

Rating:  6/6

Spanakopita.  Yet again, I was too slow with the picture.  Bebe snagged the other half before I could get the iphone to focus on the dish.  Rating:  6/6


Baked spaghetti.
What can I say?  It’s spaghetti.  Baked.  For the kids.   Rating: 4.5/6

Panos is consistently good and tends to be busy on holidays and weekends.  We used our trusty Entertainment Coupon and we find that even without the coupon, it’s a good deal because you get so much food.  Service is friendly. The atmosphere is casual.  Food is consistently very good; especially if you order the "Greek" dishes instead of the pasta.

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