Monday 25 July 2011


Green onion pancakes.  Can you believe that’s just one order? We Canadians thought it was two orders.  Then the other plate came.  In Vancouver, one order is one pancake, cut up into wedges.  $5.50 for one order.
Stir fried Rice cake (Nien Goh). Huge plate.
Shanghai stir fried noodles.  Again…a gargantuan plate.  This dish is 3 times larger than what we would get in Vancouver. 
Dry fried green beans.  $5.50  This was my favourite dish.  I like green beans.
Stewed pork. This was good.  It was a huge dish and we had leftovers to take home.
Can you believe my picture of the Mui Choy Kau Yook didn’t turn out?  I was struggling with the lighting issue in the restaurant the  whole time.IMG_1416
Pork with preserved vegetable.  Pork Belly is fried until the fat is rendered, then stewed in a sweet soy sauce over preserved veggies.  This dish was twice as large as what I’m used to getting.  The portion is excellent.
The lighting in the restaurant was very yellow and it was dark.  The Kau Yook was good but I was hoping for it to be sweeter than it was.  Rather, it was saltier than what I like.  The pork was tender and since it’s pork belly, it’s particularly yummy if the pork fat is rendered and translucent like it is here.  It’s not the best version I’ve had.  But it’s a huge dish and good for the money. 
Spicy eggplant.  I apologize for the crappy low-light shots.  I refuse to use a flash for photography and my point and shoot works better outdoors in natural light.  ah well.  You get the drift.  I liked this eggplant dish.  It was spicy and contained bamboo shoots and pork too.
This is what I would call a hole-in-the-wall.  The lineups are out the door and it’s cash only.  The ambience is meh.  Loud, but generally happy customers; casual and most tables pack leftovers to take home.  The prices are amazing.  It’s like the restaurant is in a time warp from the 70’s.  The food is portioned considerably larger, especially if you order carbs.  Most dishes we ordered were very good.  I wasn’t too crazy about the noodles or the rice cake, but the pork dishes were done well.  My favourite were the vegetables: the eggplant and the string beans. 
Service was okay considering how busy it was.  

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