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Lobster in Superior Broth over Noodles.

Drat! you can’t see the noodles! We should have ordered more noodles as they soaked up all the lobster juices and sauce.  The kids ate all the noodles.  I didn’t even get any.  Adding another extra package of noodles would have added another $3, which isn’t so bad.   I must say…this dish was the best lobster I’ve had in a long while.   Rating:  6/6


Upon sitting at your table at Good Choice, which is a small restaurant located on a corner of Fraser Street, you will be greeted with 2 complimentary snacks until you order your food.  Freshly roasted peanuts and house-pickled daikon and carrot.  My daughter ate all the sweet pickles and I didn’t get any.  Again!


Yeung Chow Fried Rice.  Rating:  6/6

The fried rice incorporated shredded fresh snap peas instead of the usual frozen green peas.  I like this way better.  The rice was not gummy and had a good portion of juicy shrimp too.  This was a deliciously executed fried rice.


Here’s another shot of the dish of the day…Lobster in “Seung Tong” (Superior Broth).  Great depth of flavour to the stock and bouncy-tender chunks of fresh lobster! You must order noodles under the lobster ($3/small order); you should order more than one package of noodles if you have noodle lovers like we do.


Fried Oysters in XO Sauce and Chinese Leeks. 

OMG.  If you love oysters, you’ll love this dish.  This is a creative take on the usual Ginger/Onion Oyster Hot Pot dish.  This oyster dish is served with Chinese Leeks and XO Sauce.  The oysters are first fried and then stir-fried with the XO sauce and Leeks.  Everyone around the table thought it was one of the better oyster dishes they’ve eaten at a Cantonese restaurant. 

I will probably have dreams about eating this again and will definitely be coming back for it again!  Rating:  6/6

Crispy skin Chicken and Shrimp Chips.  Rating:  5.5/6

The chicken was tender and the girls fought over all the pink coloured shrimp chips.  I had a piece of dark meat with tons of bones (the back piece I think) because that’s my favourite part.  It was good.  Sometimes if I get lucky, I get to gnaw on a wing tip.


Stir fried Pea tips in Garlic sauce.  Rating:  6/6

The chef was on his game tonight.  The peatips were tender and flavourful; not chewy, with a ton of freshly chopped garlic.  just the way I like it!


Sliced tender beef brisket in Lo Sui.  Rating:  5.5/6

MIL ordered this beef brisket dish.  It sure was good.  I never offer my daughters anything and wait for them to ask for some.  I figure I shouldn’t have to push food on them or make them eat what they don’t want to.  Generally, they eat a variety of things this way.   I began eating this brisket and as the dish circled the table on the lazy-susan, Bebe asked for a slice.  She proclaimed “MMM!” and soon thereafter, Bib asked for some too.  Bebe is a big tender beef eater and soy-sauce lover so the Lo Sui she drizzled all over the tender slices.  Bib took a few bites and didn’t have any more because she’s not keen on meat.  But she did try it because it looked so good. 


Sweet Green (mung) bean soup for dessert.   Complimentary.  Rating:  4/6

I don’t generally like sweet bean soups, but this was okay. 


Osmanthus, Lychee and Goji Jelly.  Complimentary.  Rating:  5/6

I like these jellies at dim sum.  We actually wanted Coconut Jelly Pudding but the waitress said it wasn’t set yet so she comp-ed us this dessert instead.  Bebe loved it.  It’s like a healthy jello.


All in all, I would say Good Choice Restaurant is definitely a great place for seafood.  We didn’t have any disappointments, the service was prompt and efficient and the place is small but clean. 

Prices are reasonable; not exhorbitant like some of the higher end Cantonese Seafood restaurants in town. 
There is parking on the street around the restaurant and there is transit nearby too.

We will definitely be back; especially for the XO Sauce Oysters!

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